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Reading music.

Hey guys, I'm thinking of either getting a guitar or piano(well electric keyboard) as i've got some cash at the mo and wanna buy one of the instruments. But I was looking around on the internet trying to find somewhere that'll teach me the basics of how to read music because i'd like to know how to when i get my instrument as its likely the piano and that wont have tabs.
I was wondering if anyone knew any decent guide that teaches you how to read music. I google'd but couldnt find one that explained it properly in enough depth.
I've done a couple of the lessons on Ricci Adam's Music Theory site, and they seem like with a little dedication you could easily learn to read.
I'd say buy a book from your local Chapters or Woolworth's and follow it closely. It's not as good as having a teacher (the best way) but if you practice hard you will learn something at least. I'd say get the cheapest keyboard you can that has 88 weighted keys... yamaha's are good and can be had for <$1000
after getting a piano and a book, see how far you get with the book, but it will really help to have at least a monthly lesson as the teacher will give you a second professional perspective on your playing and how to improve...

it'll take a while but once you get going it's a lot of fun! i'd suggest cutting out the classical crap and going straight to harmony studies and music theory and jazz improvisation, composition, stuff like that, that's where the gold is!

I Learned guitar on Tab

big Mistake, if you get the time put the effort in and read music properly,

you will sound awful when you start so might as well learn to read music from the beginning

Enjoy Your Journey its a great one and i`m still travelling
Goodluck dude. Work hard for it
I've never tried looking online, but I have a fairly deep understanding of music theory (of course, 8 years of proper instruction on music theory and with various instruments helped). I would say that books tend to be much more helpful because books will usually have a lot of examples to play. You can probably find a book at a local library or at the same music store that you buy your instrument from. Good luck.
I don't know about places where to learn to read piano sheets but there sure are many websites with piano sheets (For example this easy piano sheets website).
Learn from my mistakes

Learn to tune guitar by ear (the best you can)

Learn scales and keys - these will pay back in spades - 2 years later when you want to play expert solos

use tab for the first 6 months then start reading music - do not stick with tab

make a cd or file of mp3s and play those songs over and over to get your skills up

Enjoy it shouldn`t be a chore
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