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Young Enterprise Website


I just wondered if you could review the design of my website.
It is a website for a Young Enterprise that me and my school class are running.
It is called "Musikkhjelpen" (translated into something like "the music help". I know it sounds silly - it certainly sounds better in Norwegian).

Anyways, the website can be found at
I know the site is in Norwegian, but that shouldn't matter for the design.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with the Young Enterprise concept, I think you can read more about it at which is the British "version".

thats a really nice design there.
i'm at college at the moment and i'm doing a project for
the Young Enterprise i'm going to be filming when people
get the awards. this will be in Dartford in Kent, UK

just thought i would tell you Smile

Ghost Rider103
Very clean looking.

On the navigation, you should really get like an arrow pointing up to the link on the navigation that appears when the mouse goes over the text. That would really give a nice effect.

Good job.
Thanks for the feedback Smile

g7clan: that's really cool. Actually, I am going to a gathering for Young Enterprises in the county I live in, where awards will be given out, next week. Probably going to be fun.

Ghost Rider103: Thanks. I think I understand what you mean, and I will try it out when I have got some time Wink
My goodness. This looks pretty nice! I wish I could read Norwegian, its just beautiful. You can tell you care about this project and put a lot of time into it. It looks great.

Only nitpick is that the text is a little close to the violin and I'd love to see more content.

good luck at the national conference!
Yeah your site is pretty clean and nice but i think it'll be nicer if you can add a site translator to it. I think if you google it out, you'll get the code Exclamation
Ya, i agree it wonderfully designed, but the picture on the Vεre tjenester page doesn't seem to fit with the other pictures. just what i though
The web layout is very nice. It's simple, yet sleek, and easy to navigate.
i think its very simple....but classy...easy to navigate as well
Very easy to navigate. Clean, Simple. VERY nice.l
Thanks a lot for your nice comments. You are too kind.

pumpin wrote:
Yeah your site is pretty clean and nice but i think it'll be nicer if you can add a site translator to it. I think if you google it out, you'll get the code Exclamation

Well, since our little business only offers services locally in our small city, there is really no need for a site translator. The concept is way to small to have any potential internationally.

Thanks again.
Love the website. Its, and nice. It's like it doesnt need to be all fancy to make it look awesome.
However, I cant comment on content as I do not speak Norwegian, sorry! Very Happy
But the photos look great!
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