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nVidia 8600 GT vs 9500 GT. Which is the best?

Hi Everybody, I need to take a take a decision between Nvidia 8600 and 9500 GT, a friend says nVidia series 8 is better than 9? it's that ok?
I think the 9500 GT is slightly faster than the 8600 GT.

Either way, make sure the model you buy has GDDR3 because these are significantly faster than the ones with GDDR2.

I personally have a 8600 GT, but if I were you I'd go for the 9500 GT. If you're willing to spend another $50 and have a PSU that can handle it, go for the 9800 GT.

Here, these are the ones you should be looking at:
I'd skip both the 8600 and the 9500, and either go with the 9800 GT, or if you're willing to spend a few bucks more and possibly $50-75 on a new PSU, you might want to go for the 4850, although make sure it'll fit in your case, and that there won't be any compatibility issues with ATI cards and such.
Both Nvidia and ATi use strange naming sets. Generally, first digit represents the series so the higher the better. The next 3-4 digits represent the cards 'power' for lack of a better word. For example 8600 and under are desktop cards only, not really for gaming. The 8800 on the other hand are just for high end gaming. The current Nvidias line is the 2xx i.e. 285 GTX, ATi is the 4xxx (which is really 14xxx or X4xxx lines, lol). So you want to get the newest tech line, and the highest number for card 'power' of that line. So the 8600 is most likely better than the 9500 because it has much more power even thought it is a slightly older tech line. Really I wouldn't buy either the 8600 or 9500 because they are just so under powered, and won't play any of the games that I currently play. If you aren't a gamer then they are fine for internet and movie use.

Two places to look at for information on video cards when you are thinking of buying a new card:
Toms Hardware Guide Graphics charts: Pick what you plan to run with your card to see how they do.,30.html

And Tom's Monthly buyers guide:,2151.html
which will help you a lot.

Let me know if this all helped you.
yes 9500 GT is faster and gives awesome performance !!!!!! Very Happy
ForceRun - With all due respect, and I see where you're coming from, the 8600GT is a perfectly good video card, as are and always have been the cars by nVidia and ATI in the same model bracket.

I have run the Radeon 9600, GeForce 7600GT and 8600GT before upgrading to the Zotac 9800GTX+ AMP!. While obviously incomparable to the 9800, they are still good cards and will play most games at an acceptable speed - although you won't always be playing at full detail levels.

But if you do play a lot of games, and this is the only reason I upgraded, having the best video card you can get your hands on is definitely the way to go. It's much more satisfying and less frustrating to be able to have high detail levels with high framerates. Fallout 3 still blows me away at 1680x1050 full detail Wink.
since u are comparing both the products:

Nvidia 8600 and 9500 GT

i would go for 9500 GT but then again... add some few more to your budget and get a far better one and that would be 9800 GT.

i dont know why ur friend said 8 series is bettr!!!
Thanks to all of you for the answers, i'm testing right now the 8600 GT but in a few days im gonna change it for a 9500GT. I live in Cuba, so graphic cards can be very expensive on the steet, the price for a 8800GT i's around $250 and 8600GT/9500GT $150, based on my monthly income ~ $19, its extremely expensive Smile Again thanks to everybody! Razz
I highly recommend buying online... shipping is a couple extra bucks and usually the prices are cheaper than in store...

as for card, see if you can bump it up to a 9800, its one of the best cards atm.
bri4n5 wrote:
I live in Cuba, so graphic cards can be very expensive on the steet, the price for a 8800GT i's around $250 and 8600GT/9500GT $150, based on my monthly income ~ $19, its extremely expensive Smile Again thanks to everybody! Razz

Wow, that sucks. I assume most online vendors don't ship to Cuba, right? If you have friends or family in other countries (for instance the USA), maybe you could send them the money and they could purchase the card for much cheaper and ship it to you.
well, $250USD for 8800GT is too expensive indeed. I bought 9800GT (almost the same chip with 8800GT) half years ago for $150USD here (Taiwan). But I still suggest you to buy either one of those above (8800 or 9800). Maybe you could delay it and save a bit more Smile
I got an 8600 GT, and I must say that it runs great, even after almost two years of use. I don't have anything better to compare it to as all the other cards I've owned are now extinct. I can definitely say though that it is a great card for most games. Unless you are planning on using it for more recent games that require the power that only more recent cards have, then something else might be better. I can run UT3, CoH, CS Source, BioShock, and America's Army with decently high settings just fine on this thing.
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