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2008 Oscars

What did you think? Were they good choices?
I like watching Oscar. i do watch every single year. Hugh jackman was awesome. He is a total performer, a total package. The way he opened the show was fantastic.

Everyone knew Slumdog millionaire will win most of the oscars this year. And they did it, with their hard work paid off. i feel really happy for those kids from slums. They deserve it. They will have a bright future ahead, if they keep working hard. Good wishes for all of them.

Should have seen the face of those 2 kids who came in oscar. They look so innocent.

I enjoyed watching kate taking awards and her speech.
I enjoyed the Oscars more this year than most. There was a lot of humor, and I don't really remember the Oscars being so open and ... well, entertaining. Jackman's "WOLVERINE!!!" number was hilarious.

I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire, but it seems like anyone who hasn't watched it will eventually have to within the next few weeks to catch up.

And yes, PIXAR seems to have won, yet again.
Razz Slumdog is best movie 2008, i watched this film tomorow.

Wall -e also the good movie Razz
The only thing I saw of the oscars are the pictures, would love to see the show but I don't like to sit there until the good things come, if it was possible to play it fast it would be great
Urgh I hated Slumdog Millionaire, and then it wins award after award after award. I mean admittedly I haven't seen any of the other Best Picture nominees besides Milk, but I thought that was far better than Slumdog. I really don't think it was good, but it had everything that the Academy wants in a good movie, plus, when they give it a bunch of awards, it makes them seem progressive for supporting Indian cinema (in spite of the fact that its producers were, of course, white like everyone else).

As for the other awards I don't care too much, though I was very glad to see Sean Penn win, as I thought his performance in Milk was top-notch.
I wasn't able to finish watching the Oscars but I heard Slumdog Millionaire got many awards. And I'm so happy, for the cast and the staff and everyone else behind it. I love that movie so much. Truly deserves it.
ddukki wrote:
I enjoyed the Oscars more this year than most. There was a lot of humor, and I don't really remember the Oscars being so open and ... well, entertaining.

My experience too. Actors even looked human and extroverted, the parts I saw as I did not look at all of it.
Some Academy awards arrival pictures
I didn't understand how come they gave 8 oscars to Slumdog Millionaire ...!! The film was just ok and not that great..!! The major mistake they did was that they gave the oscar for the music of slumdog millionaire ..!! The songs were not so good to have won the Oscars..!!

Their luck..i would say...!!
Personal preference aside - I'm not a fan of recent Pixar films, but I can appreciate that my view isn't widely held - I think I would have liked Nate Silver's predictions to be a bit more accurate than they were, just because it would have been hilarious. But I guess there's something to be said for the fact that maybe the Oscars are harder to predict than an election.
Arh, Glad That India Finally Got a Award. Really happy for my nearby country.

Although Slumdog Millionaire was a Good film, I've watched better. Even from India. I don't know why only it winded up with 8 Oscars :s perhaps Cos it was Directed by a brit :p You guys will get my point if you have being watching Indian movies, not Just Commercial ones, But some great stuff have being produced by India.

awz, Since Slumdog Millionaire break the Oscar Virginity of India, I'm hoping to find some more Oscar winning films following the trail of this film. Smile

the other thing I noticed this time on Oscar was, all the participants were standing very close to the stage Surprised Was it just this time Or is it normal ?
I would like to give a jeer to the montage of people who died last year. The way they showed this to us, the viewers, was horrible. The insane camera angles made it impossible to read the names or what they did. Whoever thought that up should be fired!
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