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The Orange Box: Portal

I've been upgrading my PC recently so I decided to give The Orange Box a try since I like HL2 and the original Team Fortress. One of the games that The Orange Box comes with is called Portal.

Now I don't usually make specific game posts like this, but everyone with a good PC, PS3, or Xbox360 NEEDS TO PLAY THIS GAME!

I was up for hours late last night playing it and it's a total mind f**k in every sense of the word. Drool

Amazing game!!

Anyone else out there played this game?
Yes, probably one of the best games I've ever played, and probably the best 360 game I have tbqh.
Great game and all, but it's a bit too short for me.
Klaw 2
tingkagol wrote:
Great game and all, but it's a bit too short for me.

It wasn't 60-70 $ for it I think for what you get it is good price, but yeah a bit too short. (Altough I heard some people couldn't get past some puzzles so they were stuck for hours, which ads to the overall time you get out of a game. Very Happy )
anyway, yeah it's a great game i liked the concept a lot as far as i know there was just one game before it which has a slight resemblance to it.
I just got the orange box tonight I plan on installing it tomorrow...... *yawns* I hope it's good!
silverdown wrote:
I just got the orange box tonight I plan on installing it tomorrow...... *yawns* I hope it's good!

You're in for a treat. Mr. Green
The Orange Box has to be by far the best value collection of games ever. Especially now it's even cheaper. I thought 20 was a damn good deal. Half Life 2 remains one of the best single player FPS ever made and is worth the 15 asking price by itself.

Portal I particularly love. I don't often enjoy games that much. It's just a shame there's no great sense of replay value to it. Still, I look forward to the sequel. If they can make anything as good as that but at full length then it could be one of the all time greats.

I can't say I ever really got on with Team Fortress 2 though. None of the classes really appealed to me.
A friend has The Orange Box on his Xbox 360. I'm looking forward to borrowing it, but I already beat the PC version of Portal. It was AWESOME. Gotta love the puzzles and physics in it!
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