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can i play FLV and other DVD format files in mobile ?

which software i should use so that i can play FLV files in my N 72 mobile !!! It uses symbian operating system so if any one knows please do share with me

By default i have a Real playes which playes .mp4 format is there any codec available so that real palyer can be upgraded ?

thank u Very Happy Smile
to do it you basically need to convert it to a format your mobile phone supports. That would most probably be .3gp, .3g2, .avi (please do install Smart movie player or a DivX player). Since your phone is a smart phone, these two S60 apps will run on it. For .FLV, there is also a software called Flash Movie Player which is also a S60 app which will enable you to play all FLV files. Alternatively you can just use a converter to convert it to the formats which your phone supports. .mp4 is not a Real format, it is the MPEG-4/Part14 specification written by the MPEG assembly. However, the Real Player bundled alongwith your phone supports MP4 files. As for DVD files, you will need to convert them, mainly because no software as such supports direct VOB playback [maybe a few even do], the main concern here is the huge file size.
Hello, I would convert the file FLV into 3pg file. For example, with the free programme "Super" from from Erightsoft. Download under:
And then transfer 3pg file on the mobile phone.
Da Rossa
Wait a minute: FLV is not a DVD format (like your topic suggested). The best way out is to use a converter to the format your mobile device supports. This can be accomplished only with a few tests done by yourself so you can find the best output.
you will have to convert your videos. of all the phones why a symbian. i hate symbian. there's nothing there.

get yourself a pocket pc which has windows mobile and experience that wow effect. its possibilities are endless with windows mobile.

symbian is jst so limited. coding a program for it is also a pain. really.
Symbian's can play almost anything. For any other phone, you need to convert them to playable formats ( like Mp4)
Convert it to a format your phone will actually support. I know my phone (Sony Ericsson W580i) supports .mp4.
Use 'SUPER' to convert the file into one that can be played on your phone. SUPER has a lot of options that you can use to convert it into the exact format that will play on your mobile platform.
Either you can convert it to 3gp or MP4 or if you have a symbian OS, you can use third party applications that can play the video files you want to play.
I use Eahoosoft DVD Ripper, fast speed and work fine
Buy Samsung Galaxy S2 and u can run any video/audio/image format.

I really enjoy this mobile.
Step 1: Import flash (.FLV) file to Android Video Converter.
Fristly, Free Download FLV to Android Phone Converter

This FLV to Android Converter support Android mobile phone brands:

Motorola Android phone: Motorola DROID, Motorola DROID X, Motorola DROID 2 (Verizon), Motorola CHARM / i1 / Milestone;

HTC Android phone: HTC T-Mobile G1, HTC T-Mobile G2, HTC Desire, HTC Hero, HTC Aria, HTC DROID Incredible, HTC DROID Eris (Verizon), HTC EVO 4G (Sprint),Google Nexus One; 

Sumsung Android phone: Sumsung Galaxy S Phone, Sumsung Galaxy Pad; 

Sony Ericsson Android phone: Sony Xperia X10, Sony Xperia X8;

It also support Android 1.5, Android 1.6, Android 2.0, Android 2.1, Anroid 2.2

Click "Add Video" button to import the flash/ .FLV files you want to convert to android 1.5 , convert to android 1.6, convert to android 2.1 or convert to android 2.2.

Tips: FLV movies to Android converter software enables you to add different movies formats and batch import flash or FLV files in one time.

Step2: Select applicable Android video format as output files.
Use the ˇ°Profileˇ± combobox on the bottom of the FLV to Android converter window to control the Android output format. Select Android output video file for each video file and specify a directory on your computer to save the Android output files from "Output".

As you can see, FLV to Android Converter supports Android 1.5, Android 1.6, Android 2.1, Android 2.2 and any Android phone like HTC Android Phone - H.264 Video, Motorola DROID Series ¨C H.264, Motorola CLIO Series ¨C H.264, Google Nexus One ¨C H.264, Common Android Phone ¨C HTC Evo 4G, HTC Desire Z, Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Captivate Galaxy, HTC Desire A8181, HTC Wildfire A3333 Black Android 2.1, etc.

Step3: Further set the output Android video(.mp4)
The default video and audio setting works well. Of course, if you don't want to use the default video and audio parameter settings, just click the "Settings" button to customize video and audio settings such as video resolution(320p by 240p, 480p by 320p, 640p by 480p, 720p by 480p, 800p by 480p), video codes, audio codes, etc.

Step4: FLV to android conversion

Click "Start" to begin FLV to Android video conversion or flash to android conversion. The FLV to android phones converter progress bar shows you how much of the FLV to android converting is completed.

Step5: Transfer the converted FLV files to Android phone
OK, after converting .FLV files to android phone .mp4, you can transfer the converted android phone .mp4 files through cable. So you can play Flash Video File (.FLV) files on android phone including htc android phone, android phone wiki, htc dream, t-mobile g1, tmobile android phone,google android phone, samsung android phones, etc and enjoy more fun.
arnaw_kumar wrote:
Symbian's can play almost anything. For any other phone, you need to convert them to playable formats ( like Mp4)
except big size media file Laughing
i use format factory to convert video for mobile and other formats.

you can google for this it is free of cost and very good application.
Yes. You can play FLV and DVD files in your mobile but it must be there supported in your mobile. Because most of there is not any supportive file in your mobile than you can not play this files in your phone. So you can also install FLV player in your mobile.
Then, what is the best player for movies in Androis (Galaxy S2)?
i use iCoolsoft flv converter - convert any Adobe Flash (swf and flv files) to video movie AVI, mp4, WMV, MPEG files or others.
You can definitely play FLV or DVD files on mobile but the device itself must support it. There are very few devices that actually support FLV files. Best way to use these video is to convert them using video converter softwares like free video converter.
futurcat wrote:
Then, what is the best player for movies in Androis (Galaxy S2)?
the best movies player in android is mxplayer, i have try it in my galaxy y duos
N72 mobile phone supports .mp4 files, you can convert flv files to an .mp4 then copy them onto your phone.

Appgeeker is a good and easy to use converter.
If you have a Mac, its mac version is good enough for what you're trying to do.

When media files stored in DVD, you must extract them and convert to N72 file format. If your DVD are drm protected, you must firstly decrypt and remove it, then rip to mp4 file.
Check the solution here: rip dvd to .mp4

BTW, The program also convert rip dvd file to other common file extension.

i think core player is the most sofisticated player made so far; u should try and see what it gets, it's about 6mbs but i never tried it with FLV files
For Android try MX Player.
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