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Malaysia- Truly Asia

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I'm an Indian citizen who is Studying at Malaysia..

In my opinion Malaysia is a great country to be visited. Visiting Malaysia is a fabulous way to experience the beauty of lush tropical jungles, the cool hideaways of the highlands, as well as the stretches of inviting sandy beaches. Rich in flora and fauna but at the same time equipped with first-world infrastructure, the country is both convenient and comfortable to explore. You can choose to sunbathe on the beaches of Pulau Redang, go snorkeling in the clear waters of Pulau Langkawi (‘Pulau’ is the Malay word for island), taste the freshest of strawberries in Cameron Highlands or go for a rush of adrenaline in Genting Highlands... All these and much more await you!

Apart from its breath-taking scenery, Malaysia is also well known for its multi-cultural background, where people of different ethnicities live together in peace and harmony, giving rise to diverse cultures and heritage, including Malay, Chinese and Indian, as well as other unique cultures of the local indigenous people. This is the reason behind the statement: “Malaysia, truly Asia”. Besides the variety of colourful festivals celebrated here, Malaysia is also famous for its captivating handicraft galore, such as the authentic handmade textiles (namely ‘batik’ and ‘songket’). In addition, Malaysia is also a gastronomical paradise, standing proud with its incredible variety of mouth-watering cuisines of both local and international fame. Do not miss out the chance to have a go at the famous nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, satay, roti canai, char koey teow and so on!

Malaysia also boasts well-known urban structures, such as the Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower, and not forgetting the world-class Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It is also a shopping paradise for shoppers, where products of good quality are sold at attractive prices, especially during the Malaysian Mega Sale.

I am totally interested to visit Malaysia, perhaps even this year. What are the job opportunities over there? Do they employ expats? Which cities would be the best ones to visit for finding jobs? Also which cities would have the highest living standards?
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Malaysia Truly Asia.
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