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Eco fair trade shop

Hey there! I am very conscious about the environment and welfare of all people and I hope you are too! I think every person, animal and even nature deserves a chance. So every day I am looking for a way to do something in this field, I have to admit I am someone who wants to better the world . So now I am even thinking of starting an eco fair trade shop, where people will be able to buy all kinds of products without damaging nature or profiting in a negative way of poor people that work so hard to make these products! So I would like to know if there are any people here like me who want to better the world and maybe you have any ideas for this shop I want to open. Thanks so much!
I like this thread. I have been thinking about this in the back of my mind. What can I do as an individual? I can generate less trash. Buy and wear less clothes. Do the obvious, not use aerosol sprays, substances that are harmful. Live as naturally as I can. Only have a car if it is really necessary, otherwise use a bike, roller scates or a horse. Try and do with less electricity. Use sun panels for energy, homes that are designed with environment in mind. Encourage others to be mindful as well. Not to support MacDonalds and KFC with their masses of packaging. We should be able to take our own tupperware and let them fill them up. Back to the old days of taking our baskets to the market, our canvas bags, and containers.

I like the idea of a fair, not only to do with trading of goods, but ideas of how to generate less trash.
Hello Deanhills,

Thank you Dean that you like this thread, I agree with your ideas Dean that as individuals we have lots of things can do to protect our environment just like you have told us earlier.
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