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My life found a time abyss...

I recently re-discovered a game I used to play years and years ago when I was back in middle school. (I'm 27 now). Although I'm typically not a gamer nor do I consider myself an RPGer, but I absolutely love the game series "Avernum." It used to go by the name "Exile" but changed over the years for reasons I am uncertain. Anyways, the graphics suck and there is hardly any sound but the addictive qualities are insanely high. I recently downloaded the 4th game of the series and now find that playing the game is all I do with my time. Sigh. This is where my life has lead me. My parents would certainly be proud....
I pretty much did the same thing when I reinstalled and old DOS based game called Might and Magic, the World of Xeen. Plus I had to go through all kinds of work just to get the old thing to run with my Windows 2000 computer. Had to find and download a free program called DOSBox to enable it to run.

The graphics suck, the animation is bad, the sound is almost non existent. But, for me, it is highly addictive. Mainly because there are so many quest you have to complete and puzzles you have to figure out, in order to win the game.

And what makes it even harder to play is that the old way they had of making sure you didn't pirate the software calls for you to have the original hard copy of the game manual because the game will stop you at a few places and ask you to go to "page 12, line 2, word 7" for example. Then you have to type in that word to proceed. There are sheets online with the words but not all of them are correct, so that adds another layer to the puzzles you have to solve to play the game. I have the original CDs, which contain the manuals in PDF form, but the pages aren't numbered the same as the original hardcopy manuals. Fun, huh?!

Chad Cool
Ah. Yeah, I wouldn't go to that extreme, but I do wish that some games had been continued later than they were. The favourite two LAN games that I played when I was younger were wicked, but trying to set up multiple computers to get them to run these ancient games would be a bit of work - and that's assuming I could find enough - 3 or 4 - computers that I/others would be willing to do that do, just for the sake of this. And once they are set up, they run so painfully slow, that it does make you wonder if it was worth it.

So, somewhere in there, I respect your perseverance in making ancient games work!
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