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Kerala Resorts

Today, resorts dot the length and breathe of Kerala. Since its incorporation as a state, Kerala's economy largely operated under welfare-based democratic socialist principles. This mode of development, though resulted in a high Human Development Index and standard of living among the people, lead to an economic stagnation in the 1980s (growth rate of 2.3% annually ) This apparent paradox high human development and low economic development lead to a large number of educated unemployed seeking jobs overseas, especially in the Gulf countries. Due to the large number of expatriates, many travel operators and agencies set shop in the state to felicitate their travel needs. However, the trends soon reciprocated with the travel agencies noticing the undermined potential of the state as a tourist destination.

By 1986, tourism had gained an industry status. Waler Mendis, a copywriter at Mudra Communications, an advertisement firm in Kochi is credited with the choice of God's Own Country, the Malayalam equivalent of which had been in use for sometime, as a tag line for its advertisement campaigns. Aggressive promotion in print and electronic media were able to invite a sizeable investment in the hospitality industry. By the early 2000s, tourism had grown into a fully fledged, multi-billion dollar industry in the state. The state was able to carve a niche place for itself in the world tourism industry, thus becoming one of the places with the 'highest brand recall'. In 2003, Kerala, a hitherto unknown tourism destination, became the fastest growing tourism destination in the world. Today, growing at a rate of 13.31%, Kerala is one of the most visited tourism destinations in India. The demand for Real Estate in Kerala will continue to grow in the coming years as more and more developmental projects promise huge infrastructure investments in Kerala. It is also highly preferred by NRIs who plan to have a home in Kerala due to its urbane lifestyle, good health care facilities, educational institutions & avenues for recreation.
Good to hear that Kerala is developing in Tourism.I had chance to visit Kerala last year.It was amazing experience.I had never thought that Kerala will be so beautiful place, full green and cool.
I was just there for two days in Kerala, tried my best to cover maximum places.
Being the state with highest percentage of literacy, i found that people are educated in their own language and culture. Well , i found people not ready to speak in English and Hindi language . This made my life miserable because i was not knowing Malayalam language. I found at many places that even information boards at tourist places were not in English. This makes life of Tourist difficult.
But i enjoyed trip to kerala. really it is "God's own country".One of the best places to visit on the earth.
It has hills, the sea, back-waters and an ancient culture.

It is mentioned in the ancient epic Mahabharata at several instances as a tribe, as a region and as a kingdom. This region was ruled by the Cheras around 1 BC. They had extensive trade relations with the Greeks, Romans and Arabs.

And the forests: The Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve in the eastern hills. Almost a fourth of India's 10,000 plant species are found in the state. Among the almost 4,000 flowering plant species are 900 species of highly sought medicinal plants.

Its 9,400 km˛ of forests include tropical wet evergreen and semi-evergreen forests (lower and middle elevations—3,470 km˛), tropical moist and dry deciduous forests, and montane subtropical and temperate (shola) forests (highest elevations—100 km˛). Altogether, 24% of Kerala is forested. Two of the world’s Ramsar Convention listed wetlands—Lake Sasthamkotta and the Vembanad-Kol wetlands—are in Kerala, as well as 1455.4 km˛ of the vast Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Kerala's fauna are notable for their diversity and high rates of endemism: 102 species of mammals, 476 species of birds, 202 species of freshwater fishes, 169 species of reptiles, and 89 species of amphibians.
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