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C++ Builder

Hey guys,

Anyone here use C++ Builder?

I've had Builder 4 Professional since I was a young lad, my dad got it for me and I really enjoyed messing around with it. Never completed anything beyond a little address book program but that's not the point Wink.

So are there any Borland devotees here? I've been a fan of Borland products since Turbo Pascal 6/Borland Pascal 7, Turbo C++ 2, etc. Never really completed anything but had a great lot of fun learning to program in Pascal when I was younger and learning C++ as a teenager was awesome, the scope and power I discovered from learning the language was an amazing jump ahead.

I got Builder 4 before I'd managed to start on C++ in depth. I remember looking at all the automatically generated code thinking it looked far too weird to be legitimate C++, and then learning more, and realising exactly how it worked and that it certainly was standard coding Smile.

I've also got the free version - Turbo C++ Explorer. It's great! Unfortunately you can't install custom packages, but it's still great for doing stuff.

I never really got into using Visual Studio products, except for a bit of Visual Basic when I want to do something quickly and simply using Basic code which I already know works. I learned Basic in Qbasic when I was quite young Smile
I've used Dev-C++ and now I use Code::Blocks for c++ in windows (well I learned with Code Warrior like version 4 in high school). So, no.
I use visual c++ and it's preety nice for me
Nope, I'm a Visual Studio or GCC guy depending on which platform I'm on.
Do any of you have any experience with Builder? If so, what are your thoughts?

I have VC++ 6 Pro. and VC++ 2008 Express, but more 'so I've got them' rather than because I want to use them, so I've never really played around with them to compare. I do remember Builder being a bit less complicated when working with a GUI application though, going by the one time I can recall trying to create a GUI app in VC++ 6 Pro Wink.
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