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How do you play games? Cheat or old fashion way

How do you play games? Cheat or play the old fashioned way of going through each level and playing hours until you get it?
It's not 'old fashioned'. It's how it was supposed to be done.

Cheating makes completing a game become boring and pointless.

I used to cheat at games before I realised it was more fun to be challenged. Now I only cheat in games when I've finished playing, and even then it's only for amusement.

Oh, and don't use the flying cheat in GTA3 and go over a unique jump Sad.
Yes. I'd be interested to hear a justification for calling playing the game normally the "old fashioned" way.
Cheating makes completing a game become boring and pointless. I used to cheat at games before I realised it was more fun to be challenged.

I agree. On the odd occasion that I do play a computer game (usually a network game with some of my friends), we don't use any cheats. It's far more enjoyable to have the challenge of taking down your opponents with the limited options you have, rather than the God-like abilities that some cheats give you (such as invincibility or almost infinite resources in some strategy games).
There are certain games that should be cheated on, and others that shouldn't. For instance, a game that repeatedly tries to get the player to attempt the SAME DAMN THING they obviously couldn't do the first time is just plain nasty. Something like Battletoads. (Though I didn't cheat on that until 8 years without beating level 4)

Then there are others like ADOM that if cheated totally ruin it in every way. Even spoilers with ADOM really decreases the fun factor.
I never use cheats when playing a game, although sometimes I will use the GTA ones when I'm just messing about, and I won't save it with cheats active.
I don't like cheats that affect the game's progress. Things like auto-winning, unlimited supplies and ammunition, automatically unlocking everything, and that sort of thing are annoying and ruin the game. I like fun cheats, like ones that affect the terrain or unlock things that you couldn't normally get in any other fashion are better. Sometimes, if a game hs a bunch of interesting cheat options, I'll start a second file just for that purpose, without affecting my "real" save game. I liked how Goldeneye 007 for the N64 did it, only allowing you to use cheats on levels you'd already completed.
Cheating is so < 10 year old... Back then my mentality was to pass the game no matter how, not to actually enjoy the challenge it would be bring me to play every single level and actually try hard. Now it's different, I would never cheat, because as said before, it kills all the fun. Some games however are not well balanced and it's hard to play them even on easy configuration. If I get to a point where the game is simply unplayable (but that rarely happens) then I simply quit, I rather not cheat at all...
Hacks and cheating have ruined some of the gaming industry. I mean i like sometimes look at cheats or walkthroughs for console games where you're stuck in the campaign, but than that i'd rtaher use my own mind and skill to accomplish my goal in the game. Counter Strike has infected users to get better, but some try and use an 'aimbot'. Clearly someone trying to vs that player now is screwed. Anthoer game, DotA, id say 50% of people maphack, and this is really frustrating. Cheating on a campaign basis is ok i guess, cheating in a self-promoted fashion destroys your potential talent and hinders you getting any better.
Why bother spending $50 on a game just to cheat your way through it?

Save yourself both time and money, just watch the ending online and be done with it. There's no point or satisfaction garnered from cheating your way through a game, it totally defeats the purpose.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing "old-school" about that. Razz
Play them as they are supposed to be played
Without cheat codes
I do them without codes. I do now, anyways. On my PS2, I used to cheat a lot. Then again, I was younger, and found it to be funner. I like doing this the normal way right now. Very Happy
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