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Upating Sitemap???

I made my first sitemap and submtted it to google about 2 weeks ago, cant believe it already been indexed and its onthe first page a t the bottom. to find it just type in pet knowledge on googe.

Anyway i have added 30 more pages to my site and i have uploaded them to my public_html
i also updated my Sitemap with all the new pages. On my webmasters account on google and when i go to the Sitemaps link it says last download 12th february, before 12th it said 10th february (actual days days not that 12th is followed by 10th when it wa the 12th and i was on the webmasters partit sai last download 10th february) will google just download my Sitemap automatically again or do i have to resubmit it???
Google will check your sitemap by itself. You will not have to do anything.
At the moment when i go to google and type in on search bar pet knowledge then sometimes it is on the first page and then it moves back to about the 5th page

Does anyone know why?
You are on page 1 on and page page 5 on . There is a difference between the two!
thanks for that i thought i kept changing pages.

hopefully thats going to bring more traffic in Very Happy

How do i improve the uk one to get it to the fisrt page???
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