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What is the Advantage of using web ftps

I was just reading some of the posts here and came across web ftps..

I use FileZilla.. What is the advantage to using web ftps. I own my network so firewalls aren't a problem..

I am just curious about web ftps as I have never known about them until 5 minutes ago

Cheers Possum..
The advantage is that you don't have to install any software on your computer. Especially good if you work on different computers a lot.

But if you work from home I think a real ftp program like filezilla is to prefer.
I will have to research Web FTP.

Just another thing to learn. But its all good

thank you
Are there any Web FTP site you would recommend

I use WinSCP. It's not web based, but it gets the job done. I like the way it behaves with Windows Explorer. Plays well with others, and isn't bloated with extra garbage I don't need.
Well its just mainly for easy management of internet downloads by using filezilla, cuteftp, etc..... works almost the same thing as a regular websites if you are using WEBFTP........ but the beauty of a website that's FTP enabled you can use the command prompt FTP to download files just in-case you are having some browser issues. i work in a tech support company and we find it very useful if the customer cant browse using his IE. What we do is to instruct the customer download an alternative browser like Firefox using ftp commands and then connect to their computer fix the problem whether its a VIRUS or BROWSER issue.
command prompt FTP

What is command prompt FTP ?...!

P.S. I will Google it now.. But since you mentioned it you may have a better definition. Or better still an example of what you tell your customers....

I Googled this
A command line FTP utility exists on Windows and Mac OS X and can be used without installing additional software. Command line FTP is a reliable tool for transferring files and... blar .. blar
Internet Explorer has allowed a very simplistic set of FTP features to be available for quite some time now.

For very simple things, it's easy to use, but there are limits and issues. For example, in order to connect to an FTP server, you'd need to do something like:

Which obviously makes your password as clear as daylight for anyone to see.

FTP itself is actually quite insecure, as it is all clear text (no encryption), but that is where SFTP comes in. SFTP is FTP encrypted using SSH. WinSCP is probably the best free SFTP capable program out there, although I don't remember if FileZilla can do SFTP.

At the end of the day, if you're just connecting anonymously to an FTP server, your web browser will be fine. But for anything that requires a password, at least use a client program to prevent other people seeing your password, and if possible use SFTP.
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