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Im not a Gamer But I Open lots of Apps


I'm not a gamer, but I open lots of apps and use tons of memory. In fact I have net worked two computers together which are Syn together with Synergy so I can operate both at the same time to share the load

Would it be advantageous for me to build a computer that a gamer would use.

I really need speed.. as I have enough of long waits while the computer pauses.

P.S Where is a good site to help me design my next computer..

Cheers Possum..
You will not need as good graphics card as a gamer. So you can save some money on that part.
You could probably use what is described as a 'workstation'.
Like the previous post says, it has lots of CPU power and RAM, but doesn't need that great a graphics card.

Its quite possible that you could put some extra RAM in your current computer and do much better, often its even relatively cheap. It would just take some research to find out how much your motherboard can support, and how much you have (and how many free slots you have). Then, buy it, and simply stick it in the slot and boot up. Adding RAM is usually the cheapest, easiest, and most effective upgrade you can do. It should be especially effective given your situation.
Yes.. I agree more RAM is an option. But my computers are an old Celeron and a P4. IN a way this post is the beginning of me just getting an idea of what to get. So I do appreciate the feed back..

If you got the money, you are at the point where upgrading won't do you too much good. And the best thing to at this point is start thinking about putting together a new system. You are going to want a strong CPU/Memory combo, if you tell us what you use your current system for and what apps you use(i.e. MS Word)? And if you could tell us what you would like to try on the new system we can get you started on what to look for. It is really not too hard and a lot of fun getting/putting together a new system.
You are going to want a strong CPU/Memory combo

Yes.. that will future proof me

My present system is getting long in the tooth. I use one key board one mouse, but with two computers and two screens. Linked with Synergy (

Both are XP (one Home one Pro)

The Celeron 2.8 has 504 megs Mem
The P4 1.5 has 750 megs Mem

I need to replace both computers... I know that Sad

Luckily the apps I use like Delphi ( to program ) and WAMP don't hog the system. But the more I think of it the more I want a powerful system. That's why I respect gamers. I was thinking of going for it and getting a system with the new Intel chips ( core i7) and a mid range graphics card like the Radeon HD 4850

Windows 7 should be out by the time I have the cash (which I don't have now)

Now that I know what processor and graphics card I want ...I have no idea about mem and power supply, Motherboard..

So any advice would be greatfully received..

I don't really try that hard to keep up with processor/motherboard/RAM technology anymore as I don't build systems from scratch anymore.

But the general rule of thumb is DON'T buy top of the line. In 6 months time it will cost half as much.

That being said, I think you can, for a reasonable price, build an AMD X2 Athlon 64 6400+ based system. 4GB RAM DDR2-800mhz (PC6400). This isn't really future proofing though, as the X2 based systems are all but obsolete - but still good strong computers.

Get a Giga-Byte brand motherboard. Again, if you want to be more future-proofed try and find a newer technology, but avoid buying brand new technology as it will be too expensive.

Keep in mind that almost ANY computer you build these days will be more than suitable for your needs.

In fact, if you're going to wait for Windows 7, then I would suggest aiming for a minimum 8GB of RAM - it supports it, so you may as well use it. Windows XP 32bit won't actually utilize RAM above 3.5GB.
A PC built around the q6600 with 4 to 8 gigs of ram would probably suit your needs and then some. Maybe get a cheap, gddr3, $50-ish nvidia or ATI card for graphically intensive applications.
miacps wrote:
A PC built around the q6600 with 4 to 8 gigs of ram would probably suit your needs and then some. Maybe get a cheap, gddr3, $50-ish nvidia or ATI card for graphically intensive applications.

An AMD X2 is a bit on the old side, it might work okay for a basic gaming rig, but you would bottledneck on your cpu.

If you got the cash get a Core i7 like you wanted. If I were not doing much gaming get a mid range video card, they for the most part are only 15% slower at most and are $100s cheaper.
I really like the only $140 for the 9800GTX, if going Nvidia only buy from Evga or BFG as they have the best servce and warrenties.

You are fine to get the Radeon HD 4850 instead.

As far as motherboard goes, just find one that has the features you want and check the warranty too make sure it will last you now. There are a few that offer Lifetime warranties, that's the ones to go for.

Case is total up to you, I suggest you look for one that has good reviews, easy to work on, and great cooling.

PSU I really like PC Power & Cooling, and Thematake. You only really need a 500watt for a non-sli system but I would get a 600 watt just to run it cooler.

By far Corsair is the best memory and for the most part all memory is dirt cheap price wise. Only problem is the Core i7 systems take 3 Channeled DDR 3 which will cost you a little more. So you need to get 3 stick at a time. If you are only using 32-bit only get 3 GB that will be all your system can use. If you plan to run 64-bit and got the cash go for 6 GB.

You might also think about getting a fast SATA2 Hard Drive, which will make you system a ton fast loading and accessing.
Generally, you should spend most of the money on either a fast dual core or a decent quad core (the Q6600 is supposed to be quite good for the money), as well as lots of quality ram, preferably at the highest speed you can get, just make sure you get the right kind for the motherboard (ddr 3, etc.). Besides that, just get quality parts from reputable companies and you should be set.
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