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MD5 Hash

Hi i want to create a form which can generate md5 hash from the word submitted from the text field, and want it to be saved in mysql database.
I also want to be able to save each and every query if possible. it should be able to check it that value already exists.
later i want to create a search engine to search the word from the md5 hash
Do you want to make a script yourself for fun or just for the MD5?

For the second option;
MD5 doesn't only hash words, but also sentences, pieces of text or even entire programs. It is impossible to create a database for it I guess.

There is a website out there that does it anyways: (top right, click 'decrypt').

If you wanna crack MD5 hashes, there are some brute forces out there aswell.

If you wanna create a script yourself, I can help you create one if you want, but it will require a terrible amount of mySQL database space to just get a tiny tiny tiny bit of the possible combinations. Impossible even.
your last statement says that you want to search for words from their MD5 hashes and want to design a search engine for that. The thing is, that Message Digest [or MD5] is a many-to-one function i.e. there are many words which will have the same MD5 output. Hence, MD5 is not an encryption algorithm, it's a hashing algorithm. Small words, upto let's say 12-15 characters MAY have unique keys for unique inputs, but for anything greater it cannot be guaranteed. Even if it is so, MD5 is not a reversible or invertible function. You cannot just run an inverse on MD5 and get the word you originally hashed. To do this, you need to use Brute-force, but using it in the form of a search engine would be very very expensive [computationally expensive i.e.].

The best thing you can do is just store the words [keywords or tags] as it is and search for it. As to how to store and retrieve stuff from an SQL database, i'd suggest you refer some material at
I'm pretty sure the guy just want's a reverse md5 lookup script of his own.
Firstly, thank you all for the reply and telling me more about md5 hash. I did not know much about this. Well since there is already my post is now of no use.

but i need some help on some new issue on
please help
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