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PHP Developer

how much is the salary of cms developer
depends a lot on the education, the experience and the age. I've seen 1k$-5k$.
yeah if you are in well know cms development, you get to earn as a job and also from development blog ads, and may be more
depends on country where You work Smile

But yeah ... 1.000-5.000 is something what regular programmer can get. Next thing is that You may get % from earnings etc. - depends if You get it from your BOSS Smile
php people dont make alot, honestly. Pick up something unique on top of that, like PERL, or add some variety, like
But PHP, MySQL, xHTML, CSS Combo can give You nice income ... but You have to want it Smile

Regular Job + making websites and/or own website with adsense/ads

That means - regullar income (pension... not bad pension) + income for websites/template + passive income ... that can be realy nice Smile
chrizm wrote:
how much is the salary of cms developer


Company you work for.
Clients your company goes after.
Your education, skillset and experience.

There are lots of factors.
... and luck too!
snedan wrote:
php people dont make alot, honestly. Pick up something unique on top of that, like PERL, or add some variety, like

Perl, unique? Give me a break. A lot of people knows pearl... and frankly, I find php to be a much better language.

ASP.NET is much better than perl, yeah, but the amount of people working with it is growing fast. So, I don't think it is accurate to say it is unique.

Anyway, usually, web development is not such a well paid field of work, because there are a lot of people out there working with. So, the competition forces the price down, and it really doesn't matter much the technology you choose.

The best bet is to keep up-to-date and study not only a server side language, but also CSS, javascript and AJAX and even HTML.
A piece of rump steak can be US$5 for 350g
but get it cooked in a restaurant can be US$25.

You see where's I'm going? Wink
get a zend certification..
Chinmoy wrote:
get a zend certification..

Well ... if You want to apply to a company then certs can help ... but in most of cases most important thing will be Your portfolio Smile
Next thing is than You don't have to work in webdesign company to be a webmaster Smile
You can work for a company wchich is making own portals or a big company which want to have full-time-available admin for their website (such admins can earn lot of $) ...

Zend cert or other certs can help ... but for your boss the effect is what he want - not a peace of paper Smile
i want ......
chrizm wrote:
how much is the salary of cms developer

how much do u need brother
It depends. Besides, do you want to be a freelancer or a team member in a company? This is a question that impact the salary that you want to know.
Chinmoy wrote:
get a zend certification..


most companies that pay you salary are going to want you to know asp anyway
Many companies will ask you (in the interview) "how much do you expect?" This is the most frustrating question I have ever seen.

Back to the topic, being a PHP developer, everything depends on your knowledge & experience and by experience I don't mean having bags of certificates and 20 pages of employer references.

The best way to earn experience is to have your own website, blog about your favorite programming language, write some free scripts for download, have a decent portfolio and have some loyal fans commenting on your works.

I think the average salary of experienced PHP developer would be $2,000 - $6,000 depending on the size of the company you work for, the length of the hours you work and the bandwagon of the customers the company has.

Some companies offer fluid salary (everything depends on percentage of the net profit the company earns), this one has both it's own pros and coins though.

Finally, it would be better if you have some other knowledge, specially with UI, SEO and customer relationship.
PHP + MySQL earns you a lot....
you can get around 200$ for a single website you make through and CMS and customize it...

rest is on your skills...
It really depends on your location/country. Like where I work, there is a lot of demand for PHP, but not enough developers.

For just CMS, I would say around $200 per cms website.
The experience is the most important. If you are an old expert, you can earn 5k$ per month. But if you a new student, then you can only earn $500 per month.
It depends on the experience. If you are a skilled programmer, it's about 8k$ per month.
bsbteng wrote:
It depends on the experience. If you are a skilled programmer, it's about 8k$ per month.

depends on your knowledge & experience
As a follow up, I didn't have a very large portfolio but had written some things to prove my knowledge of php. I was hired part time $440 every two weeks on average. I get paid hourly, not sallary.
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