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Administer my Link Bid Directory and earn unlimited money

I know most of you guys spend your time online - surfing the net, playing games and the like. I know most of you also consider earning money online. Here's where I come in. This opportunity to earn is up for grabs to anyone provided you meet my requirements.

What is this opportunity:
To anyone who qualifies - I am giving you the opportunity to manage one of my Link Bid Directories.
Note that I have earned $300 USD in a month. So it's a business opportunity in demand.

Why are you doing this?
I already have a number of sites to manage and I can't keep up so why not give it to someone else.

What Is A Bid Directory?
A Bid directory sorts links by the bid amount, and the top bidder gets the highest position in the directory. The completely automated system makes it simple for advertisers to submit their link and add to their bid at any time.

Basically a Bid Directory is a Directory - similar to a telephone directory. But this is for website links where website owners pay to add their links.

What is an example of a Bid Directory?

How much will I earn for this?
50% of everything earned which by the way is limited only by you.

What exactly is it that I need to do?
Get Webmasters to signup - communicate and be active in forums, IM and email as well.

So do I do all the work?
No you don't. I pay the fees to have everything up and running. I provide the domain name, the software which runs the website, and the hosting as well. Everything as well is transparent. You get to have admin access to the site which gives you an overview of how much you have earned.

How many applicants are you taking?
I currently need 2 slots right now. But every application will be considered pending on how everything goes.

Admin Panel Statistics:

Paypal Earnings:

What are The requirements?
1. Your Age and Occupation
2. A link to your username for every forum that you have an account with.
- I need to see how active you are on forums.
3. A 5 sentence essay on why you think you deserve this opportunity.
- You will be communicating with webmasters from over the world as well as manage the website. You need to have decent english skills for this.

I will not entertain submissions which are incomplete. As I have mentioned above, I don't have time to manage my websites - I don't have time to send you an email informing you of an incomplete application.

Send the required to

If you have questions please do feel free to ask here.
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