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Hell's Kitchen

I love this show! Chef Gordon Ramsey is one tough cookie... Cutting edge reality show!

Aspiring young chefs are put to the ultimate challenge in Hell's Kitchen, a reality television competition starring world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. Each of these chefs dreams of fame and fortune, but many soon find their dreams becoming nightmares. Chef Ramsay demands quality and the intensity of the challenges is beyond anything the contestants can ever imagine....

Check it out on FOX Thursdays at 9:00pm.
Hell's Kitchen is fun to watch, but I prefer his Kitchen Nightmares. I don't like the American versions of his shows though, because there's so much more focus on the drama, and not as much on the actual cooking.
I have to say that I love both of his shows. He is right in your face and doesnt care what people think, which is what I think TV should be. I have to say that I have a Culinary Arts degree and when I see some of the things people do on his shows I just get blown away by why in the world would they do it. I dont understand what some people are thinking when they do things like that. Also with his Kitchen Nightmares show I feel that people like that shouldnt even get a second chance, they should just get shut down. Now I cant say that for every single one that has been on that show but there has been a couple of restaurants that just needed to be shut down. If I went to a place like them I would want my money back and I would be going to the food administration to get a health inspector there and get that place shut down.
Omg this season is sooo good so far. Chef Ramsey is off the hook!
la_Duchess wrote:
Omg this season is sooo good so far. Chef Ramsey is off the hook!

indeed.. he has done it all and now gives ppl there own business.

The show just shows how it is going inside a real place.. ppl need to have contact with the workers to get the food fast and good on the tables
Chef Gordon Ramsey is the Simon Cowell of the cooking world, he is tough but fair and is always a pleasure to watch on the television, but some people may say Ramsey is a mean judge or is to tough, but you have to be. Your cooking food for someone else, Cooking by its self is dangerous and we see that on some episodes of the show, but other people expect there food to be the best in the world, specially when coming to a Ramsey Restaurant, and if they dont like it they are going to tell people about it which can ruin Restaurant, so he needs to be tough in order to get the best for his own Restaurant that they will end up running one day.
I enjoy all of Gordon Ramsey's shows as well including the F-word on BBC America. I love how intensely passionate he is about everything he does.
Passionate indeed. I love how he's picking up the restaurants that are headed straight for the gutter and turns them into the restaurants they were supposed to be.

And still the people in charge are too blind to see their own faults, when all the guests are leaving and the personell is making countless mistakes even with only half the tables occupied. :S
Yeah it's quite interesting how one man can bring so much fear into a group of people. I love to see it especially when he is angry and uses so much f words. But whoever survives that could be a great chef. I hope so.
I also love this show and Chef Ramsey. I have to admit that I am surprised that Danny made the final. While I think he deserves to be there, I never would have picked him at the beginning of the show.
Ha, it's funny to see how different he is in the American versions of the show than the British ones. In the former, he seems afraid to show any humanity, and shouts as much as possible, and it's all a lot more cinematic, while the British one, he's a lot more relaxed, even laughs sometimes.
What did you all think of the new season? I had to tape it and haven't had a chance to watch yet. Some of my friends said this bunch seems more pyschotic than ever.
i remember watching the 1st season when i lived in the states, and then i saw season 2 online, and i did not watch season3, but i just saw season 4 on youtube, and im on the 5th one. cant wait till i get to season 6

one of the best shows ever.
It's just so funny to watch people get yelled at like this and never actually fight don't get to see that in real life, it's kind of exciting too cos chef Ramsey is like a bomb....his kitchen is like a warzone!
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