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What is the longest female nude scene in film?

I was just wondering for all film buffs out there, what is the longest female nude scene in film? Nude in the sense that there is no clothing what soever (underwear), and in a none sexual way, meaning in the nude but not having sex. I'm just wondering if such a thing exist, coz I know that in most movies there is a nude scene, but usually takes only a few moments or minutes at most.
The smart money is on a movie with nudists as protagonists and / or focus group. Can't think of any, and too lazy to look, but yeah. Given the very large number of G / PG movies produced (even just made for DVD kids movies or whatever) I very much doubt 50%+ of all movies have nude scenes though ...
porn l think does Laughing, but on the real note, there's too many damn movies with nude women in them, it just sells, or at least they think it does these days, l love nude women but seeing it in every film just makes it annoying and gives us men a bad rep for it, like l can honestly say, l'm not one of those guys who just goes too bars and picks up chicks, n repeats every night, and women think l'm a pervert still for some of these films?
How about this one.

La Belle noiseuse

A four hour film in which Emmanuelle Béart appears nude for most of it.
truespeed wrote:
How about this one.

La Belle noiseuse

A four hour film in which Emmanuelle Béart appears nude for most of it.

Hey this is a good one, in fact I've watched it, hope others in the forum could give me more suggestions. Thanks.
"Gia". Angelina Jolie's naked a lot in it. I doubt it sets any records for "most nudity in a film", though. I think it's a great movie. If you're into crazy-bisexual-supermodel-turned-heroine-junkie movies. Which I am.
I'm starting to think blk3 and some repliers are not "just wondering" about this question. Laughing
Why you worry about this now...??

I've never seen any of these Surprised

Gotta watch some. Especially the one with Anji Wink
Thans an.. interesting question Smile
Well ... there is a polish movie called "Seksmisja"

There is a lot of naked womans and no sex ... this nudity is natural and it's justified by the movie story Smile
Bu the way - it's realy a funny movie ... even cultic in Poland Smile

I think that there is eng subtitles for this movie as well (it was emited in Polonia - polish TV channel for ppl outside PL, and in this channel all movies are with eng subtitles) Smile
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