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Can someone make some small images for frih$?

Now it is 10 frih$ for each image you submit!!!

Well, I cannot find any way to get rid of my frih$ (don't tell me to give it away for free, because I shall not Razz ) so I have a small task for people who would like to make some frih$ fast.

I have an image generator on my site that makes dragon images customized with horns, spikes, helmets, etc. I can't really make all of it myself, so I would like someone to help me.

For every image made to fit a dragon that I want to use, I will give you 10 frih$. This should be more than enough because I am asking for only small images.

Here is a base you can use to put the images on:

I would advise you to check out the current images on the site and what you may want to make. You can either register an account on or you could PM me for a demo username/password. Once you log in, go to and click "Manage Dragons" on the bar in the middle.

Please PM me links (preferably to an indexed directory somewhere where you could upload pictures of the dragon with the item on (nothing inappropriate) and I'll tell you the ones I want, and you could give me the links to the images I want (without the dragon) and I will pay you 10 frih$ for each (even more if you make good ones).

Remember, you only need to make images (with transparent backgrounds).

Ratmaster, I registered and checked out the images. Not really my kind of thing. Can you please deregister me. Many thanks.
deanhills wrote:
Ratmaster, I registered and checked out the images. Not really my kind of thing. Can you please deregister me. Many thanks.

Thanks for checking it out anyway, I removed your account.

Anyone else?
Anyone want to take this offer? All I need is small images for the dragons, it isn't that hard. I can pay more frih$ if the images are really good.
I increased the amount of frih$ per image, anyone want to take up on this offer?
I'll check it out. I'll post later if I'll try it or not.
It will be around 4 though (I have to go to school soon)
I'm sorry. The style you're using isn't a style I can do. Sorry.
hey i'm into it... i'll check the website!!


Hey I think its quite easy.... let me try..


wohh........ I was quite lost out there!! those small dragons burnt my head or something...
Basically... it's more difficult than it seems...

I was so confused that I just made anything, literally... and here is the final disaster's link!

If I were you, I wouldnt open that link!
It was a 10 min effort by the way..
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