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Run a php Script with a Cron Job

I was trying to learn about cron jobs (for a project where I'll need to schedule tasks), so I thought I'd see if could do it on my account on server 2. I need to call a php script from the cron job.

As far as I can tell, the only way for me to see if the cron job works is to generate some output when the php file is called, so I've got a file with a number that should be incremented. But nothing happens! I tested to see whether the php file I'm attempting to call actually increments the number and it does.

Although I've removed it now, my 'query' was:
*/1 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/user/domains/

That should have called it every minute, right? I also tried doing 0-59 to see what happened with that - till nothing.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: By the way, is it possible to create a cron job from a php script?
Check this out
Awesome, thanks Xaferrow! I've got things working now. I didn't find that post when I searched.

What does the -q actually mean? I assume there are several 'modes' like this - if so, got a link I could look at?

One thing I didn't expect happened, though. The php file the cron job executes has an include_once function and an fwrite function within. I specified a file for each of these to act upon that was local to the php file. However, cron attempted to find the files in /home/user. Typing the file name as ./MyFile.php didn't work either, so I've had to use the full path. Is there any way to make the php file load files locally (with respect to its own location)?
try var_dump($argv);
I think the path is in the first element of that array, you could do something like this:
$basepath = $argv[0];

the command line help page for php:
CLI is started up in quiet mode by default, though the -q and --no-header switches are kept for compatibility so that you can use older CGI scripts.
After doing var_dump($argv) as you suggested I've found that $argv[0] is actually the full file path of the php file. So I created a function to remove the filename from the end and hey presto, we have the file path!

Thanks a lot for that, it's excelent!
oh yeah forgot that part, but there already is a function for it:
Hah, that's even better! I searched, but was thinking I should do it by chopping the end off the string. php seems to have a function for most useful things you can think of.

Thanks again, rvec!
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