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Woman strangles husband for snoring

As posted in the Dutch news and on digital journal

A 76-year-old woman of Brussels in Belgium has strangled her 74-year-old husband because of his excessive, constant and loud snoring. The personnel at the elderly-care centre where they lived were surprised: the two "had been a example of marital bliss'.

What is happening to the love in this world
Snoring can be quite a problem for most married couples. Rather an extreme way of dealing with it granted. Strange how married couples who have the outward look of being made in heaven, still have their same problems as other married couples. Their frustrations must be worse, as they never give them an outlet and allow them to be bottled up. So after years of bottling up, something just snaps. Maybe she was not even fully awake, just grabbed the nearest pillow and pushed it on her husband's face, then continued with sleeping. Can you imagine how horrible it must have been for her when she woke up?
Shocker.... i'm a potential victim cause i snore at times. If she had placed the pillow over his face to stop/reduce the snoring noise without forcing it down to prevent airflow and did not literally strangle him with her bare hands, then i think she will be very shocked and sad to have done so. But if it's deliberate, then it's really sad. She should have asked him to try those snore reducing products in the market before even thinking of 'strangling' him.

I'm glad this only happens with humans.
My guess is that she wanted a divorce. Guess.

honestly, people these days. :\
My grand parents had seperate bedrooms.
I snore.
Rolling Eyes
May I should also get a seperate B'room.....
atul2242 wrote:
My grand parents had seperate bedrooms.
I snore.
Rolling Eyes
May I should also get a seperate B'room.....

Laughing Maybe it would be the safe thing to do .... lol

Although, perhaps you should check up on medical procedures. They are doing fantastic things these days for snoring. A friend of mine from Canada had an operation during the summer and is completely cured. Mind you, he just separated from his wife, and took a new girlfriend, so snoring probably was OK when he was married, but he felt forced to do something when he was romancing the girlfriend Smile
Wow. Some people are...messed up.
thats bad....i snore too..i hope it won't happen that to me when my partner and i get old....
oppps me too...i snore when i am wife told me and gladly she will just informed me and pinch my mouth smoothly....lolz..
Its very funny, I have seen many women don't get a sleep when there is noise and most of the men cant sleep without snoring.Very Happy
It starts from my house itself.same situation as mentioned above.There have been many times a qua rel in the early morning on that.While mummy couldn't sleep she use to get up late so my school and daddy's office trimmings use to get delayed.
Then daddy realized and started sleeping in other room which was far away from where we sleep.
Now both have grown old.Mummy gets sleep early and daddy also snores slowly Smile
there must be someting else too
could be like, he was cheating on her Very Happy
people are stupid what can we tell.
Either those two couple were stupid.
or the news reporter wre stupid because they didn't know the cause why she strantgled her husband.
Guess you have to be careful whom you sleep with ... Smile
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