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World of Goo

So, what's your opinion??

I'm kinda blown away here. It's sooo simple, and not at all time-consuming (not taking into account how exactly the simplicity of it constantly draws me to it). It suits me perfectly as I haven't got time for any deeper and long-term gaming, and because it's simply so delicious in its interface and atmosphere. So thoroughly made but still not something you have to use aeons to get into. Beautiful!
I got it a couple of days ago through Impulse (a bit like a Steam alternative). It's an amazing game! I'd recommend it to anyone. Simple to get the hang of but it gets quite complicated later on when you're trying to overcome the various perils to get your gooey guys to safety.

Indie gaming is really starting to take off. Titles like this put EA to shame given how much they money blow on games that aren't even a fraction as good as this.
That game made me so angry later on haha. I loved it though. I gave it to my sisters who can't play many games nowadays because they get motion sickness. I can't say that I would like the Wii version...It seems that would just really irritated me!
Really awesome game, so simple, yet so consuming. It really sucked me in, amazing how such a simple game can be so fun. I hope that this little known company will develop more awesome games like that, it's a great alternative from all those complicated and demanding games...
It really is a great game, very cheap but fun to play. Try Defense Grid: Hidden Path, very fun Indy game.
The indy games are definitely on the rise with great marketplaces like XBL, PSN, and WiiWare. People are deciding to spend 5-15 dollars on those games instead of the $60 dollar retail games. I know with me I like to wait on certain games for price drops because they are so expensive.
Looks good, and very different. I'm waiting for the Linux version.
Stuck at level 3, puzzle 2. Goo balls catch fire easily
The Independent Game Development Scene allways brings gems like this. I like the innovation.
machogamer wrote:
Stuck at level 3, puzzle 2. Goo balls catch fire easily

You have to build a tower up one side between the head and the flame. Then try and keep it balanced while you reach out to the bomb in the top middle. Your tower will probably collapse as you reach it. Then when you've dropped the bomb on the head you should be able to grab it, light it on fire then reattach it.
I love the music in World of Goo. It fits every setting so well, and you can't help but start humming parts of it. I think I heard my brother playing it on his iTunes, so it must be around for download somewhere. Amazing soundtrack.

Indie games > retail games

Actually, for wii, most retail games are horrible. Games like World of Goo and LostWinds need more recognition.
This game is quite fun. Simple, but very addicting. I haven't had much chance to play it, but once the Wii update comes out that lets you run stuff from the SD card, I will be playing this game more since it currently sits on my SD card.
I love this game, the music, graphics, it's incredible simple and fun. i recommend it!
I've finished/played it on PC (impulse-bought for $5 on Steam); found it absolutely fantastic Smile

Lowish system requirements, fun gameplay, good graphics, good soundtrack -- everything you could want Surprised

Still, I do hold a grudge about that weekend of time it stole away from me ^^
I allways keep updated with the indie scene. Sometimes you find interesting stuff and sometimes just prototypes, you can't say indie devs are more dedicated to their games but atleast they try something new.
This game is so addicting, graphics is good and very nice puzzle to solve.
wow thats a very good indie game, downloaded the demo first fr linux for a try run, and it was really addicting although it was very simple, damn i cant believe how such a simple game could be so attractive, a good + from the indie department Very Happy
I finished the game, very addicting Smile
I bought it when steam was having those summer deals and it was a pretty nice even to watch other people play it Smile
This thread makes me want to replay it. In fact, you know what...


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