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Death Metal

What is you favorite death metal song or band?
Slit Wrist Savior - Carnifex
Six feet under has to be the best Dead metal Band. Their cover version of old metal songs are great. I like them very much. Purple Haze, Smoke on the water, Stepping Stone, TNT etc are the great cover songs by them.
Are Children of Bodom considered Death Metal? Or do they come under Symphonic Death Metal? They're amazing, I love them.

Alexi Laiho is a brilliant guitarist and their keyboardist is phenomenal as well.

Their best song and my favourite Death Metal song would be "Smile Pretty for the Devil." It's one of a kind! You won't find a song like that. Downfall and Bed of Razors are fabulous too but more mellow compared to SPFTD.
I think Children of Bodom are black metal Band. But I like them as well. Everytime I Die is their best song for me. Its great.
As far as death metal goes, Bloodbath happens to be my new favorite. If you count technical death metal add Necrophagist and Obscura to that.
15 years ago, mates of mine used to listen to songs that lasted about 8 seconds

Napalm Death? if i remember

then they changed line up and had normal songs lasting about 3 Minutes

Are they still about
metalfreek wrote:
I think Children of Bodom are black metal Band. But I like them as well. Everytime I Die is their best song for me. Its great.

whaaa!?!?!? cob is melodic death metal (not symphonic) or to d most power metal... like the more later albums. alexi growls n cob has leads (solos) too in its songs... black metal is characterised by shrieks n NO leads n satanic lyrics... cob aint black.

my fav death metal songs are:
roots bloody roots cover: cannibal corpse
hammer smashed face: cannibal corpse
decency defied: cannibal corpse
the pestilence that walketh in darkness: cryptopsy
...and then it passes: cryptopsy
scum: napalm death (metalcore? grindcore?)

did u say ONE death metal song??? sorry.
Eh i like the old stuff and well

Eagles of Death Metal - Stuck in the metal
Well would Soul Fly or now Max with Cavalera Conspiracy count as being a Death Metal Band? If so then there you have it My favorite death Metal Band. Check my band out at tell me what you think.
Is this thread also suited for sub-genres of death metal?

Main band I really like is Arch Enemy, I got tickets to see them Jan 22 and can't wait, I also fell in love with Arsis, very good sound imho. Can't forget about some of the older Sepultura as well as Vader, great bands, great sounds. Every song's just awesome, ignites so many different feelings it's almost impossible to describe it in such simple terms.
metalfreek wrote:
I think Children of Bodom are black metal Band. But I like them as well. Everytime I Die is their best song for me. Its great.

Nah... Bodom is definitely not black metal. For black metal, check out bands like Bathory. I would say that Bodom is a melodic death metal band... They have no elements of black metal (in my opinion)...

Anyways... I would say that my favorite death metal bands are:

Children of Bodom
Amon Amarth
Behemoth (although they're more of a blackened death metal band)
I have listened to just one death metal band only... but that was during my college days... Sepultura is the band i listened to... i dont know if they're still on these days... dont have any clue... i love listening to their songs whenever im angry....
Craddle of filth... Hallowed be thy name...
kaanrevan wrote:
Craddle of filth... Hallowed be thy name...

Hallowed be thy name is an Iron Maiden song
and also there are some turkish black metal groups.... INFECTED , BAHADIR ULUDAGLAR, SATANIC VERSES... I advice you to listen them...Wink
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