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Microsoft shuts down ACES studio -- end to Flight Simulator


Microsoft has laid off employees and shut down the ACES studio which was behind the popular Flight Simulator series. This series has been out far longer than Windows has been around, and apparently they are bringing it to an end.... for now.

MS has stated that Flight Simulator X will continue to be supported for years to come. I have read posts from other flight simmers who are sad about the news, because they were looking forward to some of the new features worked on in FS XI. However, quite a few simmers agreed that FS 2004 and FSX are excellent simulations and that it can't get much better aside from more third party add-ons.

After learning the news, I had picked up a copy of FSX Gold. I haven't installed it yet, since I fly mainly with FS 2004. One day, I will.
That's really sad to see. I was never into the FS games, but I must admit I used to love playing Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator games. Those were pretty darn neat. Hopefully they will hire them back sometime in the future!
Damn.. I remember playing around with this as a kid, was very enjoyable. I don't play it at all now, but it still is sad to see it gone.
Well.. I think the X-Plane team must be jumping happiness now.
I play everyday the microsoft flight simulator 2004 flying online at IVAO.
There's some hoax saying:
"What about VATSIM, IVAO and the plethora of other peripheral attractions that we now benefit from? Imagine paying to connect to VATSIM for an hour or two of supervised flight. Spend some time thinking about the ramifications of this, and it only gets scarier.

We have a simple new reality to face up to; Microsoft has changed their business model as regards the flight simulation genre and we are seeing the first steps of that new model taking hold. We can assume that a “live” version will entail on"

I hope that's not truth! Sad

Best Regards,
Yeah, I also read about a "live" or online only version of the game. The impression I got was that if Microsoft does another flight simulator, it will be different and not built on the success of the previous versions.

Which is why I decided to buy FSX after all. I was going to wait for FS 11, but looks like FSX will be the last of it's kind from Microsoft.
Sure.. You bought the standard or deluxe version?
I have the standard version of flight simulator X.
Runs pretty smooth at my computer in default configuration, but if you plays using payware addons like TNCM by Flytampa, 747 by PMDG.. Looks like one matrix slowmotion scene!
Maybe in the future ill have on config with specs like NASA computers haha Laughing.
I bought the FSX Gold Edition which includes Deluxe and Acceleration EP. I haven't fooled around with it much, but in some ways it looks no better than FS2004, and in other ways it's pretty neat - such as water reflections on runways when it rains.

Although, I am a little irritated that raindrops don't fall on the windshield anymore like it did in FS2004. The Virtual Cockpit is much better in FSX, however.
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