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Hey all, Your friendly neighbourhood terrorist here

Hey yall, my screen name is casben cause pple tend not to get offended with that but my main alias is osamabenladen, your friendly neighbourhood terrorist!
I think that the best way to move on from the undeniably tragic events of 9/11 is to have a sense of humour about it, Osama is a nickname i got at work and its just kinda stuck. i like it. They even nicknamed my kid babyladen!! howzat
I live in australia, i work a regular job but since joining up with Arbitrage Conspiracy, I am seriously counting down the days till i get some cashflow happening and walk out of my job never to return! Cant wait..
I have a fiance, a 13 month old and another due in mid april, so im gonna be busy as hell, but that is the journey of life that we all choose to tread! i love my life and wouldnt trade for anything!!
see yall in the forums!!
Not the best way to introduce yourself. The 9/11 "joke" wasn't funny. At all.
I think you have to bear in mind that many of us here have been personally affected in one way or another by those events. When you've lost someone very close to you, it certainly doesn't help to have a sense of humour about it. It can also be deeply offensive for someone else to suggest that everybody should laugh about losing close friends and relatives.

I strongly recommend the administrators close your account.
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