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50 euro google adwords code

Anyone interested in buying a 50 euro google adwords code?
You have to use the code before march this year (less than a month), and you can only use it once (not even once per account, but just once).

I'll sell it for the highest bid on the 15th.

Some things that might be a problem:

  • The adwords account has to be less than 14 days old (make a new one).
  • You have to set some payment options when activating the account. If you choose any payment up front you have to put 10 euro on your account before you can use the coupon.
  • When not using any payment up front, you have to deactivate the campaign before the 50 euro is gone, else google will bill you.

In short: This comes in handy if you always wanted to try out google adwords, or was just about to start.
Ghost Rider103
Can this be converted into US dollars?

Or would it be possible for me to use this code even though I am from the US?
will try to find out, but for now I'll give back the frih$ in case the code can't be used in your country/currency or for any other reason where you can't use the code.

edit: This is all I could find on the adwords help pages, if there are any problems you have with the coupon I'll give back the frih$.

How do I redeem a promotional code when I sign up for AdWords?

Redeeming promotional codes

You may have received a mailer or email from your web hosting company or bank introducing you to Google AdWords and offering a promotional credit to help you sign up for the program. If you're a new AdWords advertiser, please follow these steps to create an AdWords account and redeem your credit:

1. Visit the AdWords homepage at
2. Click Sign up now.
3. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create and verify your AdWords account.
4. Sign in to your new AdWords account.
5. Click the My Account tab.
6. Click Billing Preferences.
7. Follow the steps to enter your billing information. Be sure to enter your promotional code in the field labeled Promotional code. (The mailer or email you received may have given you a URL to use when setting up your AdWords account and indicated that the credit would apply automatically to your account. If this is the case, you can leave the promotional code field blank, and the credit will be applied automatically to your account.)
8. Click Save and Activate to complete the billing setup process.

If you've already entered your billing information, follow these steps to redeem a promotional code.

The activation fee will appear as a service adjustment for the current month on your Billing Summary page.

Important note on promotional codes

You must enter valid payment information in order to activate your AdWords account and run your ads. In most cases, a small activation fee will be charged to the form of payment you specify:

* If your account is on prepay, you must make a prepayment before your ads will run. The activation fee will be deducted from this prepayment.
* If your account is on direct debit, the activation fee will be charged to your bank account.
* If your account is on credit card postpay, the activation fee will be included in your account balance when you're charged at the end of your first billing period.

Once the promotional credit has been exhausted, your campaigns will continue to accrue costs for which you'll be billed. If you don't want to accrue costs in excess of your promotional credit, pause your campaigns at any point to stop advertising activity.

Promotional code rules

If you've received a Google AdWords promotional code offered by a Google partner, remember to review the promotional information provided by the partner. Unique rules may apply to each offer, in addition to the following:

* Promotional offers are limited to one per customer.
* An expiration date often applies, so keep in mind that you may only have a certain amount of time to use your credit. Often, the code is only valid for 14 days from the date your new account is created.
* If you are about to sign up with a service offering you an AdWords promotional credit, be sure to confirm that the service has a relationship with Google. If you have any questions about an offer, please contact us before committing.
* If you receive a promotional code from a service that you have no business relationship with, please be aware that the code may be invalid.
ok,i go for 10 frih$
I'll offer 15 frih$ - this could be interesting.
20frih$ Embarassed

Ghost Rider103
60 Frih$
70frih$, but rvec shouldn't say at what time you end the bidding exactly like midnight GMT+1 15 february instead of just 15 february so people can't argue about who was last to bid?

Adri Smile
yeah good idea
the 15th, 0:01 GMT
Ghost Rider103
I bid 75Frih$.
bit more than half an hour to go.
80 frih$ would be a nice buy.

edit: sending you the code over pm
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