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What is your favorite animal?

What is your favorite animal? Me personally, I like water creatures, I think they are amazing things and are not as well known as land animals. My favorites have to be the ocean mammals. Here is my little list of my favorite animals:

Kiwi bird

I think those are my tops, but it is so hard to chose! :D
My favorite animal would have to be the horse. I haven't owned one for many many years and believe me I miss that.

For thousands of years horses were our only means of transportation (other than our own feet or an ox-cart, dog sled, or reindeer sled -- and these were very limited either by speed as in on foot or the ox-cart, or environment/season for the dog sled and reindeer sled)

Horses helped us explore and settle the world, farm and harvest our crops, move people and freight, grind grain by turning grinding wheels, pull fire trucks, and my Grandfather even remembers horse drawn beer, milk, and ice trucks.

I lived in a small town not that long ago that still had a hitch rail behind the post office!! (and there was recent evidence that it had been used -- if you know what I mean).

In my list of favorite animals horses would be closely followed by dogs and cats.

Just my 2 cents,
Chad Very Happy
Out of that list would the penguin. =D
My favorite animals are probably manatees. Bengal Tigers are also toward the top of the list.
I also like the water animals the best, Especially the ones that live in the deep sea
They are really amazing.
Wolves are my favorite <333 Timber wolves or gray wolves. =]
i like dolphins very much....i like them when they're playing while the boat is floating or running i may literally say....i also missed dolphin watching in Hongkong ocean adventure...i love it....
I like all animals, I am a animal person.
my favorite animals are various:
horses (I had a huge passion about them during my childhood)
tigers: I think they are mysterious and beautiful
wolves: silent and free
panthers: they are gracious
my fav. animal is Penguin and Dolphin.. cute ones... Very Happy
I like tigers. So powerful and deadly. They also look awesome.
Insanity wrote:
I like tigers. So powerful and deadly. They also look awesome.

I prefer "tigers-light" leopards. For their speed, agility, grace and aloofness. They are beautiful animals.
My favorite is Dolphin Wink
I like horses, wolves, tigers, cats and rabbits. Actually all animals have something cool, but I don't like insects and other creeping things Shocked
I like cats and dogs because they make great companions. Both have their own appeal and reactions to their people. I'm a better person for having them in my life.
a dog is the best friend of man.
I love dogs because they are ready to play at any time. and in today's world nobody is as trust able as a dog is. I have a dog at home. his name is moti. when i play with him i forget all the tensions problems.
i think everybody should have atleast a pet.
i love dogs....they are playful...
I love cats because they care Razz
And they make great companions and dont need alot of taking care of(i hate walking with dogs because usually i fall) when you exclude food and the toiletz .P
I love rabbits because they are so warm and fuzzy Razz (had one Sad he got put to slept)
Hi guys!I am new here and it is so nice to be here. I love dogs that is why I have four dogs in my house. hahaha...

fashion craze
I used to have a dog because I'm a huge dog lover but it was to o much trouble for a small apartment, like 3 rooms I'm talking... and no place for a walk, and dogs like to be out a lot (and not shit on your carpet eeeeewwwww), but I still miss that, I love dogs what can I do and to the point after dogs the penguin is my favorite animal.....
My favourite animal is the Dog, dogs are just awesome Very Happy

Than, my second favourite would be a bird, a bird of prey, probably a Wedge-Tail Eagle Very Happy
My favourite animals are dogs but in general I love animals. tigers, bears and penguins are also on the top of my list.
Cats. i love kittens especially. they are so cute. i don't own though, but i want to.
I agree with Wolf1918. Horses are wonderful animals. My wife and I own 2 horses and we really enjoy spending time with them. It amazes me the connection we have with our horses and the personalities that come out when working with them.

We also have 3 cats that are the joys of our lives! They are a constant source of entertainment as they try to convince us that they belong outside (even though they are definitely inside cats). One of them is convinced he should be an outside cat but when he goes into our front yard, he tries to run back inside at the slightest sound or the blowing of the wind. Our neighbor has a daughter who enjoys coming by to play with them.

Long answer short.... my favorites are cats and horses because they bring unlimited joy to my life.
I and my sis like cat/s. We have one in our child hood. we named it tintu.
But now we are having a dog 'tinku'. I think dogs are better than cats.
I've always had an obsession with ducks and geese. They just make me laugh and make me stare at them everytime i see a group of them bunched up and making their own community across a pond.
Well I like lots of animals but mainly smaller animals such as Rabbits,Guinea-Pigs,Hamsters..mainly guinea-pigs seems as though I have one! I would show a pic but can't get it up Sad
The animal I prefer the most is beef, followed closely by chicken.
Dolphins are the most intelligent, and so they earn a spot on my favorites
The almost formal look to penguins earns them another spot on my favorites


Well, I love ALL animals pretty much, but if I had to choose...

1. Dogs
2. Hamsters
3. Prairie Dogs
4. Guinea Pigs
5. Bunnies
6. Meercats

Please note that this is not in any order...I like all of these animals equally.
My favourite animals are :

1- Dogs
2- Cats
3- Birds (especially parrots)
My Favorite animals are: First land animals
Red Panda
Snow Leopard
Favorite Flying animals:
Blue Jay
Favorite Sea Animals:
Orca Whale
Sea Otter
Manta Ray
Sting Ray
Harp Seal
That's All Smile
I like dogs because they are honest. We can't believe humans nowadays but we can trust dogs. Man are being so selfish. They work only for themselves but dogs work work for others if they are well trained.
i think dog is a good choice ,because as time goes ,they would have feelings with people and would be honest to people.
my favourite animal is male sheep.
w hat's your?
I think the coolest animal is the shark.

They are so efficient and look great.
My favourite animal is Dog and sheep.
what's your choice?
What my favorite animal is, uhm..... This is a tough one!

Here is my favorite animals but I just can't pick one -.-

Wolves << I had a real life experience with a group of them when I was 8
Dogs << I had a boarder collie since I was 2
Cats << had a kitty since I was 14

So yea, those are all my real life experience and favorite animals in the world!
Wolves...most beautiful animals there are:

By extension of course, I also love dogs:

Especially the dogs that look the most like wolves. Razz Get the picture? Very Happy
I hav'nt had a favourite animal but if am to choose i think i would choose the dog because it is almost human like.
the following i love to care:

Not sure on this one. I choose to count humans as different. I've never been particularly attached to animals, however, like everyone, I had my dinosaur phase once upon a time. That was possibly when I've been most attached to animals, so maybe that's an answer.
My favorite animal is sheep. it is really cute and innocent. and peaceful animal.
My favorite animal are Dog, Cats and hamster
not sure, but i like cute animals and bigger one. maybe rabbit, tiger, or a rhino Smile
1: Dog
2: Cat
3: Bunny
For sure!

Dogs 4 the win!
all animals is nice but
first dog and then cat then snake is pretty fun to have.
May be TIGER
No snake, I hate snake and other reptile. They look horrible.
ExMachina wrote:
Wolves...most beautiful animals there are:

By extension of course, I also love dogs:

Especially the dogs that look the most like wolves. Razz Get the picture? Very Happy

hah£¬ The Huskies¡£
Eagles are my favorite; they can fly and soar over everything. And they are so majestic.
Horse, Penguin,Dolphin.
I'm pretty fond of beetles, and my work has focused on ground beetles, rove beetles and weevils, but I'm also fond of things like longhorn beetles, and completely different insect groups, like chalcidoid wasps Smile

This is what some rove beetles look like Smile
I love dogs and horses. Dogs are my favorite because my whole life we have had dogs but I also have worked with horses more than 10 years so I love them too.
I like cats and tigers. They're great!
I love fishing so it got to be some fish!

Pike is very fun to catch, so Is pearch

But deep sea fishing is the best so i got to say Blue Marlin or Dorado
I like tigers. They are very beautiful animals and they are dangerous. I feel like they deserve to be one of the top predators on the planet. Their fur is gorgeous and their agility, speed, and power is nearly unmatched. Also because of Calvin and Hobbes.
i love my cat so my favorite is cat
Here in India, very less variety of good dogs or cats I guess.

Some of my friends have Labrador dog, pug, german shephard etc... I also love cats but usually in India, very less people keep cats with them...

So I wish to have something different from all like Danish Shephard dog (But I don't think that he can survive in India)... Exclamation
the best animals are snakes i have 3 at home
but now iim afraid for biting me
i actually i just love birds
faten wrote:
i actually i just love birds
I like birds too. The fish eagle is particularly one of my favourites.
Oh gosh this is a bit hard, but luckily you can put more than one. Smile
I guess mine are pretty typical, seeing as I never remember the actual specific species or enough information other than the general category the animal is associated with. Like hamsters. Which I love!

I guess my list, in no particular order, would be cats, hamsters, rabbits, horses, birds, ducks, and... dogs? Wow that was a typical list.
My favorite animals are Wolves, dogs and penguins.
I really like wolves because I think there are really cute.
I really like dogs because they're fun to take to the park, cuddle with, and play with.
I really like penguins because they are very cute and I like trust they can slide on their bellies. I really wish I could meet a penguin.
My favourite animals:

Dogs and tarantulas
I like rabbit and chicken
Wolf1918 wrote:
I lived in a small town not that long ago that still had a hitch rail behind the post office!! (and there was recent evidence that it had been used -- if you know what I mean).

LMAO ... yeah, I know that one! I used to work at a grocery store that had a hitching post at the far end of the parking lot for our amish shoppers.

My fave animals are as follows:

Owls - they're cool and mysterious
Kiwis - just for their cute appearance
any type of wild (or domestic) cat - for their speed and grace
My favourites are Dog, Lion and Royal Bengal Tiger.
Indian tiger is my favorite animal
My favorite is elephant. One of the giant creature by God on this earth.
Insanity wrote:
I like tigers. So powerful and deadly. They also look awesome.

I like tigers too! It is amazing to know how scientists observe and investigate tigers' behaviour because tigers are generally very elusive.
Dolphis are now catalogued as persons, so I would take them out of that list.
Navigator wrote:
Dolphis are now catalogued as persons, so I would take them out of that list.

I know dolphins are quite smart among other mammals, but that claims seem rather far-fetched. Any proofs or links to articles?
My favorite animals are
Leopard Etc.
Sweet Sweet Rabbit Cool
ant my favorite animal because they strong
nextime wrote:
ant my favorite animal because they strong

Actually cockroach is "stronger" than ant in terms survival. They had been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth and are still around. They reproduce very rapidly, and just can't seem to die. Cockroach survival strength is remarkable.
My favorite animals would be:

- dog
- rabbit
- dolphin
- cats (those that have a lot and long furs)
- tiger
- lion
Dog, cat and horse.
Well, i just like Dog and cat..

A kind of dog that i like is PitBull, rofl Razz
my favorite animals are racing pigeons, dogs and a fish....
To actually have as a family member: a dog. Any dog will do, but I'm pretty partial to the terriers.

To look at, study, and photograph: Birds! ALL THE BIRDS! I'd love to raise birds, too, but I'm not sure I'd be able to do it properly without some further learning.
nigam wrote:
my favorite animals are racing pigeons, dogs and a fish....

Do you have any racing pigeons of your own? Feel like sharing pictures? :D
I think falcons and eagles are the coolest things ever. They can fly and peregrene falcons can dive with an extremely fast speed and accuracy. It's so cool to watch these things in action. Whenever I see them on the Discovery channel or Animal Planet, I get so excited watching these predators at work. If only it was feasible to own one of these magnificent animals, then it would be really cool. But I would assume that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to keep them trained, if you could at all.

Also, cats are really cool. Sure, they may be lazy and all that, and they aren't as loyal as dogs are, but they are good fodder if you want some internet points -- just take a pictue of it doing some random stuff and people will go all googoo over it.
Insanity wrote:
If only it was feasible to own one of these magnificent animals, then it would be really cool. But I would assume that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to keep them trained, if you could at all.

Depending upon where you live, it's not infeasible at all... but ownership isn't always the best option.

If you're old enough and have the time to volunteer, why not apply to help out at a bird sanctuary? There are many jobs to be done at wildlife rehab centers, most of which do not require more than a high school education and the willingness to work hard. They'll likely start you out cleaning cages and prepping the aviary, but these really aren't hard jobs with birds. (Not like scooping elephant dung or anything.) This way you can experience the birds while helping them recover in an environment that's set up for them, without taking on the responsibility and expense of keeping up the proper habitat in your own home. It's a winning situation for everyone!

If you are really, desperately in love with the idea of keeping a bird of prey, look into the practice of falconry. I would suggest starting with books in the library and then finding an instructor in your area. The climate you live in (and local laws) will determine what birds you may be able to keep. Some birds of prey can even be kept tame without exercises in falconry, like some smaller species of owls. There are options outside of true raptors, too; ever seen a tame raven? They're absolutely gorgeous, huge like hawks, and they can even speak and mimic the way parrots do:
People (aka Homo sapiens sapiens). Sometimes they are soooo cute! Smile I love when they argue about stupid things.
jcreus wrote:
I love when they argue about stupid things.

..which is essentially ALL THE DAMN TIME. Embarassed

Tell you what, you want some homo sapiens? I have way too many. Free to good home. Wink
jcreus wrote:
People (aka Homo sapiens sapiens). Sometimes they are soooo cute! Smile I love when they argue about stupid things.

That's a very cheeky way to put it. Lol..
I like cats, Cats are just so graceful. I aosl think jellyfish are neat.
gregory2001 wrote:
I aosl think jellyfish are neat.

I... I love this Smile
I really appreciate when people appreciate the less "charismatic" examples of creatures on this planet.
My favorite animal is a cat and a dog.. I still remember when I was young my granny had a cat and dog at house maybe its the reason why I loved both. But what I wanted to try to pet is a snake. I just want to overcome my fear of it.. Sooner this year, I will take my courage to pet a snake.

whew!!! Embarassed


jaguar x type parts for sale
out of those list.. i like dolphin...
other than dolphin i love dogs...!!
jessicasmith wrote:
My favorite animal is a cat and a dog.. I still remember when I was young my granny had a cat and dog at house maybe its the reason why I loved both. But what I wanted to try to pet is a snake. I just want to overcome my fear of it.. Sooner this year, I will take my courage to pet a snake.


You got a brave heart buddy. If I were you, I would not try messing with those deadly creatures because in just a few seconds they may take away your life. Beware. Smile
i dont have favourite animal, but i can not understand when someone keep in house some danger animal, like sneaks or spiders...
Rabbit is my favorite animal and my pet as well it is really cute and innocent.
I love dogs. Mainly German Shepherd.
The list which you provided is nice, i like Penguin the most in the list. I even like the animals which lives in forest like Elephant, Lion (The king of the jungle), etc.. and also some pet animal like dog.
Prefer cows!!!
I like the Wolf and Eagle
My favorite Animal is RABBIT it is really cute and innocent animal. i love it.
My favourite animal is Rabbit, its really cute and innocent animal.
my favorite is cat. its handy and very fast
my favorite animal is dog as this is the most obedient animal.
sapphy wrote:


Isn't the dugong a dolphin?
I like dogs and cats.
I wouldn't mind one of these:

I love Dogs, as the dogs have been close to human kine from the beginning. they have helped people and been there pets for centuries.

and dogs are lovely. the way they play with you. and I like Dalmatians. as that's the one I have.
Ice bear =)
My favourite animals are :

1- Dogs
2- Cats
My favorite animals are:
Penguins, they are just so cute
Wolves, especially when they are alone.
Cats, Just a cat lover.
For me, it's a toss-up between African Elephant and Dolphin.
Tigers and horses are my favorites..
tiger is my favorite animal...
my favorite animal is dog...

my hobby is long drive ....
Red pandas primarily because they have such a beautiful color pattern and because for whatever reason, they often strike me as thin, red raccoons, and well, when I was little, I absolutely adored raccoon characters (mostly animated, admittedly).

The story around Tasmanian devils is different.You know Taz. EVERYONE knows Taz. When I was small, I couldn't decide if I liked Taz or not. Growing up, starting to miss the awesomeness of Looney Tunes and heading back to relive them, I definitely loved Taz. But then one day I wondered, "How the heck are Tasmanian devils in real life? I know Taz is an unrealistic, exaggerated interpretation, but how unrealistic and exaggerated is he?" So I googled it up, and it's like a completely different critter. I honestly don't know who came up with the idea of making Taz's species a Tasmanian devil when there's absolutely NOTHING about him that relates to the actual animal, other than being a carnivore.
I like all animals, I am a animal person
Because the animals are man's best friends, in fact, human animals, advanced animal.
My favorite animal is parrot.
My favorite is a pig; I guess that's a no brainer considering my handle.

Contrary to popular belief, pigs are neither dirty, gluttons, or stupid. They're quite intelligent, they're one of the few animals that know to stop eating when they're actually full, and the rolling in the mud is only b/c they can't sweat, so they need that to keep cool. They also have designated areas for relieving themselves, unlike many others.

The other day, I saw a cow go one and two, and then turn around it sniff its own excrement.
my favourite land animals:

bengal tiger
african lion
siberian husky
all kinds of snakes

don't really like any water animals except sharks.

peregrine falcon is my favourite bird..

Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
Because they are loyal.
My favorite animal is parrot.
Mudkipdw wrote:
Well I like lots of animals but mainly smaller animals such as Rabbits,Guinea-Pigs,Hamsters..mainly guinea-pigs seems as though I have one! I would show a pic but can't get it up Sad

Hey. I'm new to the forum, I love guinea pigs too! I have one named muffins
I also like dogs because I have a dachshund dog. he can't get enough petting Razz he always jumps in front of my other dog when I am petting her.
I am not sure if it is odd but I like goats. Once I had a pet goat. That was a she goat. I named her PODO.

Whenever I called her she ran to me.
Once she got sick and my parents decided to sell her to some butcher. They sold in the afternoon and she returned just before sunset. I do not say they are too good like cats but she was sold to a person living about 450 meters away in third street from ours.
Anyway, They - the people who bought her, did not sell rather they kept and she became a mother of three cute goat babies.
She eventually died or probably slaughtered after about a year as I used to visit that street to see that goat and did not find her after about one year.
I still remember my pet goat 'Podo'. She was my first and last pet.
Dog is my favorite animal.
I love horses Smile They're interestign animals and fantastic to be with.
I like alpacas, they're so cool, if i had one i would train him to be very strong so i can mount on his back and ride as with a horse.

I prefer the types that as wool like sheeps but the others that looks like deers are cool too..Anyway! Alpacas FTW!
Chickens, I believe it is because I was born in a chicken house, not literally, so yeah maybe that is why I naturally like chickens the most. Sure it that this would seem kinda odd to some of you here. Oh well heh.
darthrevan I also like chickens but probably not for the same reasons as you do Twisted Evil
My favorite animals would be:

- dog
- rabbit
- dolphin
- cats
- tiger
- lion
a dog cat and a bunny Laughing
Still have questions? Obviamento the dog .. Man's best friend ...
Nobody understands better man than this quadruped chewing your slippers and slays his couch. For thousands of years that dogs walk beside the man, and ever loyal companion of his master, licking his face even when all others abandon. They are the perfect friends: if you want to tell your problems, your dog will sit and listen to them without interrupting or making judgments. If you had a hard day of work, he will be waiting at your door. If you put a bit of Chivas in his glass, he knows if you are preparing for the ballad or just relaxing. The dog is so loyal that even sacrifice their lives just to protect you and your family.
I like the cheetah for it's speed and elegance.
Dogs, they are the best, I have never had an animal that is as faithful, loving, protecting, and all around great companion. When you are down they are there to comfort you, when you are up they are there to play with you, when you are tired they are there to sleep with you, and when you travel they are happy as can be to come along. Personally I can't think of a better animal than a Dog.

Oh I have a cat, and they are cool too, but not like a Dog, hell the Dog protects the Cat, but not vice versa!! The cat sleep on the dog, and the dog lets her, can't get more faithful than that!!!

Dogs, they are the best, IMHO Cool
I really like the cats. But i do believe that cats are very nice and very friendly.
the animal I like the most is Cockatoo Smile
My favorite animal is Tiger, especially the White Tiger.
My Fave is the SLOTH
reminds me of me ...never in a rush.
for a pet, i really want a dog.. my dad doesn't let me have one.. how can someone not like dogs?? i wonder..
i really like siberian husky.. look like wolves, really intelligent, and look awesome.. other breed that i'd love to pet would be a german shephard, inu breeds from japan, rottweiler and such..
also pugs are really cute.. Wink
i don't like cats, they are mean, selfish, and though they look kinda cute, are secretly planning for world domination.. so no to cats...
if you ask about animals that i like in general, wolves would be the first, a dire wolf especially, dolphins, penguins, rabbits, parrots, pigeons, and horses..
what i don't like are cats, hyenas, crows, hipppo (i don't know why), crocodiles, and other ugly ones.. Very Happy
My favorite animal would have to be the Tiger.
my favorite animal is the dog. as they say, dog is man's best friend. and that they are. they are quite loyal, they have their individual personalities depending on their breed and their upbringings. i myself currently only have one dog (a boxer mixed with a pit bull), and she's one of the best things to ever be brought into my life. she makes me happy no matter my mood, and she's always there for me due to her massive amounts of loyalty. and she's as cute as can be, which is always a plus. Smile

other than dogs, i would have to say my favorite animal would be a ferret. an old friend of mine had a couple of ferrets, and they're pretty amazing creatures. Smile
Difficult question, I have lots of favorite animals

I like to observe spiders especially a spider building a web.

Also I love to watch ants, bees..

Dog comes close, but not any dog (so "dogs" is not my favorite)

Some animals are dangerous but look funny Very Happy like killer whales, ice bears..

and what about hippo, fantastic animal

I like sheep baby
german shepherds here too but i do love most large breeds too.Akitas,huskys and malamutes included
The whole family loves it to ride out in the forest. Its a pleasure in the wintertime with the snow and being cold and its fun the summer to sit on a taxi through flowers and trees and mountains and grass. And for the animals its also fun, cause they prefer to go out in nature instead to stay in a "house".
My Favorite animal is elephant. My other favorite animals are..
Da Rossa
I like dogs and monkeys. I also enjoy seeing pictures of wolves and some felines.

Ah, I hate mosquitos.
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