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Car DIYers

If you do your own repairs, check this out. A manual that does not go out of date.
My father does all his repairs on his cars and trucks. He has a Dodge RAM and a Dodge Magnum which he drives a lot.

What cars do you have and fix?
If I can remember them all:

2001 Ranger, 1985 Mercedes 300D, 1985 Firebird, 1965 Fairlane, 1964 Fairlane, 1981 Yamaha XV920.

I do not attemp most repairs anymore, but do a good general troubleshoot first. I susbscribed for the Mercedes and was impressed.
CharKargis Olort
I have a 2007 Chevy HHR and a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo. I traded in a 1992 Eagle Summit LX to get the HHR. Probably the best move I ever made LOL. But I did send a lot of time under the hood of that car. I didn't really like working on it, but it was all I had to get to work, so....

My favorite car to work on is any GMC/Chevy trucks from the 70's and 80's, plenty of room under the hood, everythig is easily accessible, parts are plentiful and cheap, who coudl ask for anything more?
raildr wrote:
If you do your own repairs, check this out. A manual that does not go out of date.

I don't get this. How much does a factory manual go for these days? $50? If you keep your car for 5 years, it's cheaper to just get the manual and then you have the bound book to keep handy while you're tearing your car apart. What am I missing here?

I've got a 97 cherokee that I do most of the work on. I bought the manual when I got it and anything I need is in there. Never goes of date either, because all the info is for that car. Laughing
CharKargis Olort
I have manuals for all the cars I've ever owned... You are right. They are lifesavers.... The only part that's bad is when you get grease all over a particular pages and can't read it anymore Crying or Very sad But... that makes a good advert for paper towels
Yea um I think I'd rather get a $15 repair manual on paper then pay someone money to get it digitally.
Scotty Too Hotty
the only way i would get it digitally is if it digitally fixed itself by me subscribing to it. But i dont see that happening anytime soon thats for sure!
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