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Joomla Templates

The many question which bugs me and i'm sure other Joomla users is which is the best template provider. The only good ones i'm aware of are Yootheme and Rockettheme.

I intiially used Yootheme. THeir templates looked great, they add several features (mainly from their Yootools). The layout is generally good , not to clustered as Rockettheme can be sometimes. Unfortuanetly they have only released about 25 templates. - One a month.
The major problem I have is customizing the templates, it is much more confuding and they don not have very many tutorials for templates. The templates also tend to be slower than any other ones I have tried. Despite this their templates are still very high quality.

Eventually i discovered Rockettheme. They immediately seemed better than YOOtheme ( i first saw there DEC 08 Vertigo template with the paralax effect - WOW!) The templates seem to load much faster and be the same high quality. They were more customaizable but I did find them too clustered. I prefer a sytligh yet simple layout. Another great thing is they now provide phpbb3 styles. So my site can have a matching forum!

Anyone know any better template providers or perhaps is aware of tutorials or resources for the above providers. All help is appreciated.

Ghost Rider103
Your best bet is to buy yourself a custom made design made to fit exactly what you want.

I am sure you can find some great templates on template providers websites, but I guarantee that you will not get the quality of a pre-made template that you would of a custom template. Also a custom template can be designed for exactly what you are looking for.

Nothing beats completely custom designs, nothing.
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