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Burnout Paradise

A new Burnout game is coming very soon - Burnout Paradise. The PC version ooks really good. It will be avalable on the 360, ps3 and pc. There are some new features.

Fistly there is an online mdoe where you can invite other players to free roam with you. You can change settigns such as traffic density and many more. The chrahes types have also been changed. If your car is not too badly damaged you can driveaway fro ma reck. However if your car looses all its wheels or is severaly damaged you have to wait for it to reset.

More gameodes have been added and for the PC version there are many expansions and downlaodable content. Here are soem game modes

* Race: Races consist of the player and at least one other car (races with just one opponent are known as 'Duels'). The player is given a location to race to. The player can take any route through the city to the location, with the aid of a flashing road names at the top of the screen when the player is advised to turn. The first to arrive at the destination wins; there are no points or prizes awarded for placing second or third, unlike most racing games. Online races can also include checkpoints that need to be crossed before reaching the finish.

* Road Rage: The player is given a target number of takedowns and a time limit. A Road Rage event is won by meeting or exceeding this target in the given time limit. A variant of this event was made available for online play in the "Cagney" update.

* Marked Man: In this event, the player is given a destination. At least one opponent is trying to stop the player from reaching the destination by scoring takedowns against them. The player must survive from start to finish in order to win (the player can be part of collisions, but loses the event if he totals the car). A variant designed for online gameplay was included in the "Cagney" update.

* Stunt Run: Players are given a target score. They must earn points towards that score by using boosts, jumps, drifts and other such stunt moves. An online version of this event type was added to the game as part of the "Cagney" update.

* Burning Route: Each Burning Route requires the player to use a specific car. Once the player is driving the required car, they race against the clock to a specified location. When a Burning Route is won the player wins an upgraded version of the vehicle they completed it with. The upgraded vehicle can boast extra boost power, more base speed or a stronger body (but usually in exchange for another category being made weaker). This event is unique in that it does not reset when the player earns a new license, because it's tied to the car used to run it rather than the license level the player is presently at.

Another main improvement is that there are many more cars and these can all be played with usign high quality graphics.
Thsi is going to be a great game, cant wait till it comes out.
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