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Coldest Airports in the World

Gatwick Airport in London has to be one of the coldest in the world. Not by virtue of being in the coldest place in the world, but just general lack of heating everywhere. Has anyone else experienced this? Go in the tube from Terminal South to Terminal North and you just about freeze. Enter Gatwick and there is very little insulation at the main doors. The entrances are all freezing cold. Wait for a bus and if you are lucky you will get some form of shelter, but no doors or heating in it!
I hate cold :p
Brussels airport is nice and warm (during summertime...) But I hate Antwerp central station. It's freezing cold right there. They just renovated the place, and I think they forgot to install the heating Sad
i feel it is somewhat overdrawn.
pipi wrote:
i feel it is somewhat overdrawn.

Exactly! And also used as yet another excuse and here I blame the media in the UK wholeheartedly. For example on Thursday evening it was giving such solid predictions about the heavy snow that was expected in London the next day being as bad as Monday's had been. I expected the worst when I woke up and almost thought to abandon my plan for the day to go into London from Heathrow and am glad I went ahead anyway. It took a long time to get to Charingcross with the tube, as we were stopped a few times, but I had a good day in London, not a speck of snow fell from 7:00 a.m. when I woke up through to my arrival at Leicester Square Station to the end of the day. YET, we had enormous delay with my flight at 9:30 p.m. saying this was as a result of the snow! The last real significant snow had been on Monday, with some patches during the evenings and frost and icing in the mornings. The plane that was late in arriving was from Dubai, had no reason to be late on that route as it is daily, we were an hour late in boarding the plane, and then spent two hours on the tarmac after the hour wait (3 hours in total), i.e. they allowed us to board before the departure time had been approved. We had no fluids during the two hours wait. The last half an hour was taxiing slowly out of the berth, then up and down on the way to the main runway. Courtesy of British Airways! BUT of course I did count my blessings, not British Airways, but that it did not snow during the day at all so that I could make my flight back to the Middle East as well as have an enjoyable time with buying books in Charingcross Street. I got three by Richard Dawkins for the price of two - at Blackwells - good deal!
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