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How to connect two different NETWORKS ?

I have two different Networks. :-

1) LINKSYS wifi router which is connected to INTERNET at one end of HOME, but it is turned on whenever required.

2) DLINK wifi router which is connected to INTERNET (only when LINKSYS is turned off) at other end of HOME.

Now, i have one room where both the networks are available. but both are not available everywhere. i.e. the signals are not recieved.

so i wish to merge both the network which can actually help me to use the INTERNET from linksys to the computers which is connected on DLINK. I have one computer where both of them are connected.

i have given the image below.

plz help me for solving this problem.. thanks in advance..
^Seems like you could simply connect the D-link's uplink port to one of the linksys's ports, and then your problem would only be deciding which internet connection to connect to the linksys, or finding a way to use both of them.


Better idea... Connect both routers together using the normal PC ports on them. Make sure they're both configured to allow local network traffic to pass through them. Then, no matter which one a given PC is connected to, you should be able to tell it which internet connection to use by changing the default gateway setting to the IP of the router you want it to connect through.
A switch?
well thanx "ocalhoun" but i have one major prob tht i cudnt connect both routers directly caz they are very far from eachother and i have one place where i have pc and both router available through wifi !!! so now how can i connect both networks (Routers) which cud help me to share internet connection on all the pcs which are connected to any of the ROUTER !! i have also provided with the IPs of both router in the picture link..

and "Kaseas" i cannot connect them through switch caz i am accessing those routers through wifi. and thus LAN cable wont be possible for interconnecting routers or SWITCH in my condition....
I am much to tired to go into details but with the following and google you should make it.

Correct me if i am wrong but it looks to me like you want to have all your computers on the internet from this location. I am guessing your home.

Solution 1
I would recommend getting a High Gain antenna for your better router and remove your other router from the network this will get you the coverage you need unless there is something interfering.

hook the antenna to the one router you are going to keep and then set the other computers to work wireless to the first router yes you will need a wireless router for that.
Solution 2

1 Run an Ethernet cable to the second router,d-link, from the first, linksys.
2 Make the d-link an access point in the settings
3 Set the d-link to the same address space as the first one. ie make it
4 turn off the DHCP for the d-link.
5 make sure both laptops can hook to both routers
both will work I like the second one personally but both would be fun

thanx for sparing yr time "Pepperfan (Charles) ", i thought about the second solution before but the only problem is that i wont be able to run a LAN cable, caz both the location are at different places i.e. there is an open ground between both routers.... so for me, i mean according to my situation the only scope for me is to connect both networks (Routers) through my COMPUTER/LAPTOP on which both the routers are accessible through wifi... let me also inform you that i have two wifi ports on this machine.. so i tried to share the internet and also tried to bridge it.. but i guess i must be making some small mistake somewhere...

Please NOTE :

i can connect to LINKSYS router through WIFI only...
i can connect to DLINK router through WIFI and LAN... (i prefer wifi, but you i would follow your suggestion for the same)..

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