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"Taken" Worth it or not ?

Did you see this movie ?
It came out here yesterday and I didn't know what to do, the previews are good if you wanna see it, but the critics says the movie is not so good.

So I'd like your advice ?
Should I go to a theater to see this movie or I'd be better wait til' it comes out on DVD?
I recommend the movie (I watched it at fall), I think it's wont became a classic but it's good (I don't know where is the line for you between go to cinema or wait for it).
The story is a mediocre, but you can see much worse among the action movies.
Liam Neeson is a badass, you can belive from a couple of moves of him that he is a real professional. Other actors/actress are not so good, but this mostly a one man movie.
My friend recommended that I watch this movie so I finally did when I got a day off from work and it was pretty good. Much better than the other movies i've been watching lately. A little unrealistic in certain parts of the movie but overall a nice flick to watch. I agree though it won't be a classic but you definately a movie to watch for what it is.
This is a great movie. Nonstop action!
Its an average action movie, you should watch it, but don't expect it to remain in memory for a very long time.
I agree, it's an average action movie. Good and interesting story though.
Taken is just an average movie for me. The plot is simple and sort of overused. Daughter gets kidnapped and the father rescues her. It's not really a bad one. I would say it's worth your money.

The part I like the most was the phone conversation between the father and kidnappers. Cool! Razz
aib't seen this film yet most likly just view it online somewhere i've heard it's gd still
Totally worth it.
Damn! I still remember that lines...."I've got some skills very special skills.......I'll find you and when I do..I'll kill you..........." something like that.
I watched it a while ago, and yeah, I really enjoyed it. Neeson is just relentless, it's fantastic.
100% woth it. He got both brain and brawl. Kickass Dad who will kick their ass SOLID.
It's worth giving the time. Action scenes were great and the actor himself rocks.
just watched it. I absolutely loved it! very much. It's so touching and exciting. it's an awesome movie, recommended.
It was a good movie. I enjoyed it. Lots of action and Liam really killed quite a few of baddies. It has a happy ending, which is unusual in these kind of kidnappings, so really made me happy. Probably not the right movie to watch for moms whose teenagers want to go unescorted for a holiday in France. Shocked
i really enjoyed this movie, it was an excellent action movie! definitly worth the watch
I watched this late last year. Liam Neeson is so badass in this one.
It's totally worth it man! I'd say go for it.
Again, this is one of the very few movies to come out in recent times worth spending money on.

Liam Neeson totally kicks ass in this movie! Absolutely loved it! One of the few movies where the hero has the sense to do the right thing, and to shut up and shoot rather than give the baddies a moral lesson and give them time to come and jump him from behind!
I thought "Taken" was a great movie. It had a good story and the action was pretty good. The scary part is the sex trade is real, and children and women are really being kidnapped and forced into these kind of things all the time.
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