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Cpanel Acess... again!

Still have some problems to acess cpanel login.

I know: havent port 8082 unlocked, but i have cpanelproxy hack im my site, but since a few days cant gain acess. So i will again ask for some help. Any tips?

And for confirm this resolved topic and this ORNO tutorial:

What is this sticky about? Well if you didnt understand from the topic already, heres a description of the problem. You get hosted by frihost after 5 GOOD, MEANINGFUL posts. All happy, you try to access your cPanel. Oh no, you receive a time-out or page cannot be found error. You try accessing and all other combinations with port no 2082 etc. Still nothing. Your dreams are shattered, no more can you become the e-business billionaire that you dreamt of. Well no need to worry, there's always a way out!!!

Either set an exception for port 2082 in your firewall Laughing or use this very cool script called cPanelProxy

What does it do?
Its purpose is to give access to cPanel (including webmail and WHM) at port 80 by acting like a proxy. (For people behind strict firewalls.)

How to install?
2 methods, manually or use the autoinstall feature...I have used both successfully without any problems.

Manual Install:
- Get onto cPanel once, somehow, from a computer NOT behind a firewall

- Through cPanel, create the subdomain ""
- Download and unzip from HERE
- FTP these unzipped files across to "public_html/cpanel". (Should be 3 files in all: cpanelproxy.php, php.ini and .htaccess)

- Fill in your details in the form here:
(For server name put in
- Sit back any enjoy...the script does everything for you Smile

Since the subdomain takes a few hours (maybe a day or two sometimes) in order to get activated wait a while, then simply point your browser to Voila!

Do not hold me responsible if installing this script results in your site being deleted by hackers, aliens taking over the earth, or n0obie4life stealing all your $$. All I can say is that I have used it so far, without any problems.

Also, if you have problems while installing this, I can offer to install it for free for anyone. I have already done so for amsilva, and I think he was quite happy with the "job" so you can trust me not to delete your info, and change your password once its working.

All hatemail, if any, should be redirected to no0bie4life

I gave my log in and pass to ORNO and he helped me!
But that wasnt the only help that i get it from him: He fixed my account because, in the first time at cpanel i deleted the folder public_html. Laughing Laughing
LESSON nº1 - NEVER DO THAT!!!! Twisted Evil
Laughing Laughing

So If you have this problem you can trust on him!

Tanks again Orno!
If your still having problems with cPanel Proxy, please keep in mind that the author hasn't released a final version, therefore it may not work sometimes.
amsilva: i know what the problem is... i think you've set a redirect from to

so when u try to login to cpanl, it automatically transfers u there... 2 ways to get around this...
1) remove that redirect
2) access cPanelProxy through here:

that might take u to the login page, and after u have given your username password, might take u back to your mamo page, but then just open up that page again, and cpanel should work.

lemme know if it works!
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