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Do you think a HDR that uses a RAW Photo is better or if JPGs are used?
What do you mean with "a HDR". Isn't HDR a definition of several special image techniques.
So I may not be the right person to come with an answer to your question, but in my opinion RAW is always to preferr over JPG because of better image quality and reduces data loss (no compression).
If your gonna use HDR your gonna want the most dynamic range and quality to work with. JPEG usually has some sort of compression even if its at 100% quality so I would definately recommend working with the RAW files. I usually bracket a minimum of 3 exposures.. -2,0,+2 and convert them to TIFF 16bit and generate and tone map the HDR image from that. Afterwards I would tweak and put the final touches to the image in photoshop.
Yeah RAW is lossless, where as in JPGs you loose information. So naturally RAWs would be the best option to make HDR composites.

RAWs are a superior format anyway and I don't see any point in using JPGs unless space is an issue, you you need to shoot in continuous mode at a faster FPS, or you don't want or like to do any post-processing.

RAWs are more flexible to work with and is much more forgiving when adjusting things like exposure later on in post-processing. With RAWs you can also bring out way more information in clipped shadows and highlights than you could ever from JPGs.
Thanks for the great advice and knowledge!

I think I'll primarily use JPG, because I don't usually do alot of post processing or really heavy stuff. However I would like to try raw in high speed photography and use it for a HDR, but I am using Photomatix and my raw output is in .arw (Sony) so Photomatix doesn't accept my format???
I just checked Photomatix Pro and it does accept the Sony formats to Generate the HDRi images. I went to the generate HDR option under the HDR menu and it accepts Sony RAWS which includes SRF, SR2 and ARW files. Have fun, be sure to show us your progress and if you have any more questions just let us know.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

I just got the new Photomatix Pro and its much better than the odler versions!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

So, I opened up my Raw image and boom it worked so thanks Very Happy

However Raw is probably not the best for HDRs, the three different exposures is better Very Happy

But if you want to turn an image into an HDR, but forgot to do three exposures your safe

Very Happy

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