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Buying new tower, suggestions welcome

Hey guys, well it's time for an upgrade. My old tower of 7 years is just behind the times.

I'm looking for a tower that is stable and smooth and also in the range of $400.

Please note I have the following (so this doesn't have to be included in your suggestion): Windows XP 32-Bit and a nVidia 8800GT 512MB PCI-E OEM video card.


I was looking at this tower here.

It seems all right but I heard from a few to choose Intel processors over AMD but let me know your thoughts. Also the 2GB ram is sufficient and upgrading to 4GB doesn't cost much.

I saw some similar and maybe better towers on eBay but not in particular.


I'd like to ask to you guys who are tech savy or who have experience in buying towers or parts for any suggestions at all. Again I'm looking for a smooth system that is able to run multiple programs and also run some games at decent FPS which I think my current card is sufficient (note I have not used my current card yet).

Please let me know your thoughts and even link me to kits or towers you think are better than the one I am looking at.

Thank you very much to any comments or suggestions.
this is good one.. u can buy
Well, it's a decent case but a bit pricey in my opinion. It does come with a PCI-E slot so you'll card will fit in there. It does come with a 160GB hard drive, although if you'd like (and it's a sata2 hard drive) then you can just take that one out or use it as a secondary drive.

If your running Windows XP on 2 GB of ram then you'll be perfectly fine. Vista on the other hand I'd recommend at least 3. If you do upgrade to 4, then I would find a different OS than Windows XP 64-bit, it's discontinued and nothing really works with it.

I hope this helps.
cool model. u can buy it.
Thank you very much Diablosblizz, and yes it was helpful. Good to know the 2GB would be sufficient. Also I forgot to add that I have an external hard drive so really it's not a big deal on the size.

Thanks you other two as well but your comments really said nothing.

Does anyone know if this processor is pretty decent (on the current tower in the first post)? Currently I have an Intel P4 2.0GHz... quite old. The one in the first post is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.60GHz Dual Core Processor. I'm sure it is better than my P4 of course but any suggestions to swing for AMD or Intel as far as processors?

Any other comments or suggestions are welcome and thanks again.
You will notice an improvement with the AMD Athlon, but I would still aim a bit higher. When you are
anyway, why stop in the middle of the scale? There are, when it comes to AMD, models out there where
you can get some more power for your money. I use Phenom X3 myself, wich didn't cost to much (got it on
a sale).
My experience is that AMD is cheaper, but can require more knowledge to optimize. Also, to buy a better
fan to the CPU is recomended. The ones that come with them originaly just aren't as good.

About the RAM, you know a 32-bit system doesn't support more then 3GB? It's not an issue for you, just something
you should be aware of when considering upgrading to 4GB. It's not a total waste, but to get use of it all it's a 64-bit
OS that's demanded.

Best of luck with your buy. The tower looks nice!
Ah thank you very much Idoru for the useful comments. I did not know this actually... well in the past I had seen people say they had 4GB ram but are only able to use 3GB of it as you stated. I had no idea this was because of a difference in 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems. I'm a little behind the times so thank you so much for pointing this out.

Also, you said to aim higher with a new processor. Well I am going to do a little surfing on some AMD processors, but again I am on about a $400 budget thus I do not want to shoot too far. If you have any suggestions as to something slightly better than the included processor then feel free to tip me on that, I would highly appreciate it.

Another thing - is installing a new processor difficult? I have never installed a new processor so I'm not sure if you (or anyone reading this) has but if you have had experience with it then please let me know.

Again thanks Idoru, and everyone else for the help so far. It's making my life a little easier on deciding on a new tower.
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