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My website

Hello everybody Smile !

I would like to show you my website. I realised it for my Guild Wars guild. It is named Les Chevaliers de la Citadelle (I'm french). My website is in french, but look at the design Wink !

There is some bugs in regles and officiers sections. I should also make a better design for the news part.

The url:

nice site and I like it but have some errors. Solve this and it will be great.

First problem: site is not comming up (no text - content) and menu is not working properly in IE6. The second mistake is in HTML. Your menu links are in wrong direction because li tags are under a tag instead of a tag under li tag. Valid example:
<li><a href="some.html">Somepage</a></li>

Also, you need to close your metas with /
<meta name="keywords" content="guild wars, guilde, chevaliers citadelle, jeu de role, matraqe, wow, guild wars, gw" />
<meta name="description" content="Un site internet web d'une guilde avec Matraqe dans Guild Wars (gw). Il y a Sweeney dans Guild Wars. C'est une guilde dans Guild Wars.  " />
<meta name="revisit-after" content="2" />

Some error is comming out on JavaScript (Error: channel.securityInfo has no properties
Source File: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Firefox/components/nsExtensionManager.js
Line: 197) but there I can't help you Embarassed .

For design I have few sugestion but this is just sugestion nothing else. First, I will put little bit softer text color instead of black some dark grey #333333 or #666666. In menu hover font color is too brite.

Good luck,
The layout is very simple, and makes it easy to figure out where everything is. However, the background for the sidebar is questionable. It makes it hard to see the links. Perhaps you should make it to where the header for the sidebar begins under the shoulders of the character and make the background of the characters a contrasting color of the gray. Also you could try centering the text to see how that looks. Wink
I like the layout. It is very simple and the user will find the content quickly. But I don't like the navigation. I think you should make the font a little bit bigger, and possible bold. It is not very good-looking at the moment. You could also use "text-align: center".
Well ... gray is not a colour for me Smile
Typography ... i'm not sure about the font used here ... make some more formating ... give this site some life Smile

By the way - PLUS for Div's ... but MINUS for validation - fix errors Smile
The design is 7.5/10 ish. It's a little blah, but I do like the shadow, and the use of the gradients. They're put together nicely. Could be a little more exciting though.
it is very simple. maybe becouse you are a starter. you will make better. study and enjoy
I see you are change tottaly desing but for me old version is 1.000.000% time better for me.
There's no point creating a complex site if it's just a simple purpose you need. Why build an F! car just to get to the shops?

Nice site - simple layout, clear - and although I have no idea what the text says, your choice of font is good.
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