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Free php Editor

What free php editors do you know? And which is your favourite one if you have experience to use?
If you are using windows, then phpeditor would be a good choice.
Else, use Nvu for linux. Wink
blackant wrote:
If you are using windows, then phpeditor would be a good choice.
Else, use Nvu for linux. Wink

I use NVU on Linux and Windows. Pretty good editor. I am a big DreamWeaver fan but the budget is too lean for this at home... Here is a link to NVU for Windows (its in CVS, but runs VERY stable for me on XP/SP2)

The best one is:

PHP Designer 2005 (freeware)

Twisted Evil Wink Laughing Cool Smile Very Happy Surprised
I think using freeware software is the right way.

NVU is a very good WYSIWYG HTML Editor, but editing PHP scripts I like to use PHPDesigner2005.
Thanks for those programs.
I've been looking for some free php editors
Do you make your own forum, or do you modify other kind of forums.
Like phpbb and/or SMF?
astra wrote:
What free php editors do you know? And which is your favourite one if you have experience to use?
Notepad Or something like notepad++.
Notepad++ is fantastic, also, OpenStudio has a great PHP suite that is free and open source... I think it's called Maguma...

I still believe that the PHP Designer 2005 is the best but one another suggestion.

PHP Coder
Freeware and good!

PHP Coder is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) especially developed for PHP programmers.
Through tight integration of the PHP interpreter and the PHP documentation, PHP Coder gives you a time-saving Development Interface. Features are Full Integration of the PHP Interpreter and the PHP documentation, Integrated Preview window, Full Syntax Highlighting for HTML and PHP, AutoComplete for frequently used text constructs, Project manager, Tag Buttons and all the standard editing functions like almost unlimited undo, copy and paste, searching, ...
And it is quite small compared to other language's IDEs and loads pretty fast.

Anyway on you can find reviews of every PHP editor (freeware, shareware...)

EnJoy! Twisted Evil
phpeditor is very good in windows

and I think only a sample notepad can do it.... Wink
izzit use to edit some php or edit like forum edit or member date?
I use Dreamweaver as Php Editor. I find easy to work with it.
When I need features - Dreamweaver
When I need simple editing - Crimson Editor
When Im bored - Notepad Cool
I'd suggest (if you already have it) Dreamweaver. And, opposed to what others say, it's not neccessarily costly. Twisted Evil
quite honestly, even a notepad would do it for php.
But if you need real programmin features that enhance youw ork then look for an IDE :
or even :
but of all you need is a rapid editor with syntax highlighting then use scriptedit or context, or pspad.
They are all excellent!
good work then!
Notepad Smile the simplest text editor around Cool
Dreamweaver or PHPDesigner 2005 is cool, the first is have much featureand the second one is free (that's the best point Very Happy)

in other hand using notepad if you're a L337 is nice Smile

BTw could anybody tell me where to download Notepad++ just PM me Smile thanks, ~ sorry OOT
Ummm yeah I don't exactly know anything about PHP so if anyone would care to explain it to me that would be appreciated. I'm pretty new to all of this. I've learned the basics of HTML and a little bit of Java. The only thing I remember about PHP was something like a PHP bomb I think it was called. Basically it screwed my computer up. That was like 3 years ago whenever I was trying to learn hacking.... how boring that was. I think I remember PHP is for chats, and things of that nature but I'd be more than happy if someone told me what it is and maybe where I could learn to write/edit it.
ocelot just go to the tutorials section in this forum, there`s a sticky there with php tutorials. After done learning wreite your scripts and if you have problems just go to the scripting part of the forum and you will get help. And also, php enhances your entire site, giving it an interactive feel. E.g. registration/login scripts, user prefs, etc etc etc....
notepad Very Happy
Syntax highlighting - Notepad++
DzSoft PHP Editor - as I think is the best! Really, this program supports all the functions like "search", tags, script closing, preview in browser and many more...
Everybody must try it!
I'm using Notepad++. It's freeware, opensource and it supports all of the best known scripting/programming languages.
I use "Phase 5" Hope it helps you. It suports many dialects and script langugages (syntax highliting). The editor is also good
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