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What do you work for?

I work to pay off my mortage loan and credit cards. And that is for the house and household appliances and so on.
I am unhappy at the end of a month because I have to give a lot of money to the bank....
I want to earn more money to pay off ahead of time and therefore can afford flying everywhere to enjoy my life.... Cool
I work for several reasons

1) my house and investment house
2) my kids & wife

at the end of the month i can pay both mortgages, pay all bills and food and still have enough left for things for the kids + a little extra so im happy with my position at the minute
To earn my daily bread. Possibly also to keep myself busy. And also because this is what everyone does, it is expected. I have done it all of my life. But good question though. We probably should sit down and think about it carefully. When we do, we probably will find the thinking about it uncomfortable and nagging at us, as our lives get so dominated by "work", we seldom ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing, and by the time we do, it may be too late to do something else with our lives? Almost like mice on treadmill existence unless you have found a job that completely satisfies your reason for existence, maybe a vocation or mission like exploration of foreign countries, or priesthood etc. Smile
We all work for the same thing, to survive. That's why I don't see the point of this discussion rather than it being a points generator.

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