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Boxing: Margarito - Mosely

Was this fight fixed?

Margarito was a 4 to 1 favorite going into the fight. Just proir to the fight Margarito was observed using a plaster of paris type hardening substance in his hand wraps. He had to be rewrapped 3 times to get an acceptable wrap. Mosely then gave him a bad beeating and won.

The bookies are grinning all the way to the bank.

I don't understand why someone caught cheating isn't banned for a year or some such penalty.

The fix had to be in to get the odds up to 4:1. A little insiders tip about the hand wraps. Then have it discovered at the last minute to allow him to take a dive.
I doubt that fight was fixed. Let me rephrase that, I hope that fight wasn't fixed.

As much as 4 to 1 fav seems hard to topple, you never know who's going to win a fight until it's over (given that fight isn't fixed). A boxer could have had a bad weight control, injure himself during sparring, jet lag, or even the home town's booing could have an adverse effects if the boxer is having an away match.

With the amount of time and effort put into preparing for each match.. the roadworks, the countless hours watching and studying the opponent, alternation of working the sandbag, hitting the mitts, and sparring until it's difficult to lift a finger... being accused of throwing the match can be insulting to both the boxer who is being accused, and the boxer who won.

But then again, being a professional boxer is a tough thing. Unless the boxer has a sturdy banking account or lucrative source of income other than boxing, it's hard to live off of boxing unless you are a high ranking boxer. So, if a boxer felt he needed to throw the match for a large sum of money, the sum of money that would be used to put food on his table or the family's table, while I can't say I support that idea, I can understand.

Coming back to this specific case, the whole hardening substance makes it a dubious case. Like I said before, I hope the fight wasn't fixed.
Margarito has been banned from fighting in California for one year for the plaster wraps. Other states don't have to honor the ban. But, they usually do.

I think that the person sanctioning the wraps that didn't see the plaster wraps should also be banned for a year.
The question is, does this take anything away from magaritto's win over cotto? With the Cotto win he was consistantly landing punching, where he struggled to hit mosely at all. So i dont see the plaster cast being the difference between the two fights.
The fight was definitely not fixed. Why would Margarito have needed the plaster if it was fixed? He’s a cheating punk that got beat at his own game. Cotto is an orthodox straight forward attack fighter, Mosley is a slip and move fighter. His weighed down hands served as a disadvantage in the Mosley fight. He should have a rematch against a plaster fisted Cotto and you’d see how the bloody tables would turn. Margarito will come back only to receive a beating after beating for what he has done. Boxing is a sport where you could leave an opponent seriously hurt and knowingly having his hands wrapped with plaster is a true cowardly and dangerous thing to do. I think Margarito should have been banned from boxing indefinitely for his actions but I want him to come back and get the beatings he deserves for what he has done to others.
ortie10 wrote:
The fight was definitely not fixed. Why would Margarito have needed the plaster if it was fixed?

To drive up the pre-fight odds. The odds would be alot higher if there were any pre-fight rumors leaked to the FISH that think they are "in the know". His corner knew ahead of time that they were going to do that. That doesn't just happen by accident. It's pre-planned. If you're going to pre-plan something like that, wouldn't you also pre-plan maximizing the potential return? If the rumors weren't leaked by his people ahead of time, then why would the other fighters manager insist on watching the wrappings being applied.

The official that overlooked the plaster, should be forced to receive one those ass whoopings too.
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