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America's Army

anyone play it? great fps game
but the greater thing is that it free!!
u can download it from here:
I am downloading it now
and I just find your post!!!
I didnt like AA, its like a free more millitary based version of CS with more training, relly boring to me
I like this game, I think that it is the best online shooter.
It`s very realistic and good. Maybe version 2.4 is too buggy but patch will come i next days.
Look at, its site when you can lookyour statistic`s ( kills, deaths, score....)
Any AA fans out there? I played for a while, completed all the trainings, earned the sniper gun finally, then I think I got sick of it and stopped playing right at the same time.

Bridge crossing the best. Especially playing defense with the AR gun. Just camp on the back mountain and watch for enemy soldiers poking there head around at the exit of the bridge. They can only come from one direction, and well, are little match for the might AR.

So, well, ummm, yeah.
I played America's Army for a while, it was fun for a little while when I first started and was getting mad when I had to do the training. But the training really helps you out and everything. I deleted it from my computer becuase it took up space and I just forgot about it. Its one of the best games once you get the hang of it.
I never got through the training simply because it never saved my progress for some odd reason. I'd finish a training and wait patiently for 15 minutes or so before getting kicked off. Had no problem creating an account and stuff though. Hmm.
i got problem with aa too so i quit playing i dident' saw any walls dunno whay...
yea i played AA it good cool grafics for its age and nice multiplayer game
i like the realistic part of its fantastic
the thing i dont like is that servers full of botters it realy pisses me off i realy quit the game cos of them
the thing that u cant have fu cos of botters is impossible,unexaptalke
today botters r realy spoiling the fun of others in every game
I have problems with this game...Sad
SagMan wrote:
I have problems with this game...Sad

what problem??
and i like this game.. but i didn't played 3 month-2 months cos cos i have no time but it's nice game Smile
I thought the game was quite nice, but I simply could not stand the long wait times while you were dead, this was about 2 years ago, has it changed since?
i thougt it is quite interesting
but some missions are difficult to finish
I was gonna download it ,but someone told me it had spyware is this true?
hamik wrote:
I was gonna download it ,but someone told me it had spyware is this true?

nope man i play 3 years America's Army and i newer hear about spyware in this game
what is the game about can you tell me please. and from where can i downoad it.
The game is like your in the Army the exact things that the army does in that game you can do it. It is multiplayer and single player for training.
Go to and click on downloads and click on Full Version. It was made by the USA Army.
it so hard
I'm yet to play AA, but I've been the website a couple of times. I'm not that big on the realistic first person shooters, particularly after I read that they used the game for training with real soliders.
Finally after a long wait the patch has been released. The patch contains the following:

- Tournament Mode Enhancements
Several features are improved in the Tournament mode.

- New Training Map: Shoot House (BCT MOUT)
A fun new training which encourages you to play over and over again.

- New Multiplayer Maps: Extraction and Dockside
2 new Special forces maps with some very intense CQB action.

- Command Post
A new and easy way to perform administrative functions provided by AASA.

- Accuracy and CEM changes
Several weapons handle modifications to make the game even more realistic.

^SF Extraction^ ^SF Dockside^

Important Info: There seems to be a 'problem' with usernames that have 20 or more characters. You can not have usernames with more then 19 characters or you will probably have problems during the login process. So if the login does not work for you and you are using a username with 20 or more characters, change your username and you can play again!

Download mirrors:
AAO Tracker
File Front
3D Gamers
Two Degrees
File Planet
Gruppo Operativo Incursori
LX Systems
Xtreme Eagles
Any 1 tryed this yet?
Yeah i tried it and its cool. I like the new maps speacially the SF Extraction. The only thing i dont like is when u get hit u turn [actually is realistic which is pretty good]. One time a grenade hit me close i saw a drastic turn so i though i was dead and the other guy was changing from his grenade to his weapon to shoot me. While i was just watching since i though i was dead. Luckly there was a partner behind the enemy and kill him. By accident i move the mouse and realize that i was still alive. Got get use to the new stuff. Wink
I like realistic games. But it looks like counterstrike, so you play with a hole team, with differend maps.
Yeah, I like it too. There's a new version (V2.5) and it's more realistic.
There are 2 maps added and a lot is changed.
Yaeh, I tried sf extraction too. It's a big map, but the other one, its too small.
But sfhospital is my favorite Very Happy
Merged two AA topics into this.
Americas army is the best FPS game out there....

if any of u play Weapons Cache and know Dotr Server...
My name in AAO is ^BulletProof.[D]...
if u see me in server tell me ur from frihost so i can own u...Very Happy
In the latest patch, is there still long wait times when you die? That was a huge turnoff for me when I first tried AA a long time ago.
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