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HDD Problem!

Hello Every One!

I have HDD (320GB). damage
i wnat save my data before repairing!
Please healp me how i do!
How I save my important data!
Use Hirens boot CD, there are a lot of tools to recover your data.

Hope that helps
It goes without saying that you'll need another hard drive or a dvd burning drive to be able to recover your data with any program (including the one mentioned above).
pakpiece wrote:
Hello Every One!

I have HDD (320GB). damage
i wnat save my data before repairing!
Please healp me how i do!
How I save my important data!


well i have used this tool , i have formated mi hdd and i have recovered all mi files with this program

i hope i helped you
It is possible to use another computer to help ... place what was the master hard disk drive in another working computer as the slave hard disk. Boot the computer and get the files you need ... usually pictures or music files.

All of these are usually stored in <new drive letter>:/Documents and Settings/%your username%/My Documents >> Here you will find important directories like "my pictures", and desktop, my music, my videos, my labotomy, etc.

Most of the time you are at a loss on the programs that you do not have license keys for or online subscriptions and easy downloads, but the good majority of people don't actually have much trouble reloading the software they need but it is time consuming.

Sometimes people use services like itunes or picture organizing programs like would be available from kodak and these programs always tend to complicate backup and recovery. You'll want to check the program directory (something like: "e:/program files/kodak/my pictures/" for example) for files that you know were backedup by a specific program. if it's itunes music then you'd better go talk to them about it because they are holding all of the rights to the music ... you are barrowing it... lol. Lucky for me itunes obviously upgraded their tech support and started making people happy because I started answering a lot less "how do I get my itunes music back" questions. I almost started to have to tell people"You don't get your music back... it's gone... forever...and ever...amen."

LOL have fun you guys and good luck restoring your first hard drive... there will be more! Smile prepare yourselves before it's too late!
I have to add that if the hard drive is not spinning any more you are pretty much out of luck, and I'm sorry. It gets pretty complicated to take the disks out and put them into a similar hard drive case and can run you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and still only have a chance at getting the data back.

I've worked in a computer shop with some guys that pulled this kind of miracle off on a fairly regular basis because they had the whole "clean room" thing going too (more of a "clean area"). They were swaping out disks and recovering data only to have the drive completely break shortly after they had recovered the data ... eat your heart out McGuiver! Razz The best I have ever seen still do not have good odds of getting data back from the grave, so you should be prepared. I have many of the portable hard disk drives set up and I organize what minimal information and files come into my life that I want to keep on those and I make sure at the end of every day that my data is redundant accross several drives. You can burn my house down and I don't loose any data. I can smash my computer with a hammer ... no data loss. I could drop my portable hard drive in my drink... no data loss. A nuclear bomb could go off ... well it's just data ... who gives a crap about data anyway! :-p
Hi, You don't say what sort of damage has occured?
If the drive is not spinning at all then as previously stated your kinda out of luck.
If you jast can't get it to boot you could try taking it out and attaching it to another computer
with a USB external hard drive adaptor, it should then show up as a portable drive in win ex
and you could work on it from there.
Good luck hope this helps.
here's a nice site with good tips:

hope that helps

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