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Website I've worked on

Hello everyone,
I've been working on my website for a little bit of time, and finally think I have one decent enough to show other people. There isn't too many problems as far as I can tell, yet I would very much like some feedback from other people who know things about website creation. is the website. by the way, and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would please pay it a visit.
Thank You,
(Also, I know the art is not very good, and looks like a fifth grader made it. I will be adding some other, more developed art later, which will hopefully make things look better).
Nice and simple web layout. do you like to draw?
Brilliant idea, nice and simple but could probably use a bit of colour? I'm guessing that will some when you add the more developed art, can't wait for that. make sure you post when you have done so, I'm keen to see what its like when it has more content.
i think i will use that idea Very Happy

i would change the header into a drawing
I'm glad you like the idea, and I was going for clean and simple. I do like to draw, although I am a little inexperienced. Was there any problems navigating through the site? I will probably have the more developed art up in a week, yet I just needed some feedback first to see if it is just too hard to tell what is going on. Thank you guys very much for the feedback!

EDIT: I have changed the site to have a nicer background, a picture header, and the first comic with a drawing I took a good amount of time to draw. I personally think it looks nicer now, yet I would greatly appreciate any help or reviews....
Simple site, you can add more graphic to add attraction
I'm a fan of doodle-like or hand drawn style websites. Though, I feel that the site lacks color. Using colors as ornaments, even in a very minimal way, will bring more life to your design.

I also think that the left box's background color doesn't fit the design's structure, same with the footer. You got a plain white banner/header but the footer and left column's got background colors. It just doesn't fit.

Here are my suggestions. You're not required to follow it per se, lol.

Why not create a hand drawn box that will hold the main design, instead of a putting it in a black box. Make it look like a paper, maybe?

In your logo, I think the bench and the title can go without the box. Try removing the border.

One, more thing. The font used on the comics page navigation doesn't fit too. You can try using handwriting fonts instead. There are lots of free fonts at

That'll be all. The rest will be up to you.

Good luck! I hope to see improvements in your site in the future! Smile
Looking over the site again, I think you make some great points keane (thanks!). I'll try adding some color, and I'll also see how to change the borders to a more hand drawn feel, since that's a great idea. I've been trying multiple font families (I originally had Lucida Calligraphy), yet I've had trouble finding one that I can see on Linux. Thank you very much for your reviews!
Well done! You made pretty nice difference, I like your simple style. Add more your hand drawing and a little bit color as other said... that will help your site more interesting. Smile
I like the concept. It is very creative.
The only problem I see, is that I didn't get that the drawing under the logo,
was really the navigation bar. It wasn't intuitive for me that I should click on it,
if you see what I mean Wink

Keep up your good work Smile
welcome very nice site even though u r having a very little amount of datas...
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