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About the Posting, I have a problem

I am from Nepal and my biggest problem in posting is that we dont have electricity for 16 hours in a day so I really cant stay online for a long time. I am afraid that my hosting account will be deleted. Any moderators or expert out there who can help me. I am in a bad condition right now. Please!!
you make about 5 posts a week, if you would make those posts just one or two lines longer you'd easily manage. Of course your account won't be dissabled at -10 (probably more like -100) if you keep posting like this, but 7 points a day shouldn't be that hard to make in your case.

If you go on a vacation or something just pm a mod/admin and your account will stay active even longer.
Ghost Rider103
Sorry to go off topic, but you don't have electricity for 16 hours a day? May I ask why? That would really suck.

But the odds of your account getting deleted or put on suspension is highly unlikely. I was at around -200+ before and my account was still being hosted. Thoguh I do believe that was only because of my past somewhat activity, and I was a user for a good amount of time. May not be the same situation in your case, so I don't recommend letting your account getting that far behind. Plus it was a pain getting my points positive again after I did come back.

Hope this helps some.

By the way, I think this belongs in the Frihost Support forum.
best wishes to you; try to make longer posts - its a good tip. hope you can get better electricity some day.
I am also from Kathmandu, Nepal. Yes, there is a 16 hrs power cut daily here in Nepal.

Nepal is the second richest country in Water resources. There is no other country other than Brazil richer in Water resources. But to the wonder of everybody, We are the people in Nepal who are suffering from deadly load shedding.

Its due to the lack of sincerity of previous governments, especially Nepali Congress (a mainstream political party). Nepal is a poor country, so it can't invest in hydropower, and the previous Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat disagree even to provide Bank guaranty for the private sectors to invest in creating new projects.

Previous governments could not function freely due to the Maoist Insurgency wide spread over the whole country and now, the Maoists themselves are leading the Government.

Lets see, what's the future! Ridiculous.
Just like shkhanal said we are the second richest country in water resources but it sucks to tell you all that we have a 16hr power cut a day here now a days.
All those corrupted political person did nothing for nearly 40 years. All politician were just making their life better but didnt worked for the people. We also had a civil war kind of thing which also hampered the development. But now we have some peace so lets hope that every thing will be all right.

By the way all guys who are from America and Europe can you imagine a 16 hour power cut in a day? What would you do than?
Ghost Rider103
I am from America, and to me a 16 hours power loss every day would definitely have huge impacts on our economy. In fact I wouldn't be able to make a living to be honest.

Though I would probably invest in a good power generator powered by gasoline. Sometimes when our towns power goes out, we will use a generator. You have to fill it up with gas every once in a while, so it can get quite expensive, but if you can afford it I think it would be worth it.

Do people there use generators? Or is it just complete darkness for an entire 16 hours straight? What about hospitals and such, how are they able to give support to patients? I assume they have some type of generators, as they do in America, but I could be wrong.

Very interesting subject.
^ I think paying for the gas to run a generator so you can post to maintain your free hosting would kind of negate the point of having a free host wouldn't it? Why not just spend the gas money on a paid host instead and save yourself the trouble?
@metal freak

Yaar me too in a same problem as yours, I will be joining my company for training from feb, and the training is around 4-5 months. Even though I have paid hostings with me around 3000+ Rs!! then also I trust frihost and have associated most of my websites with it. I fear how will I keep up with frihost during my training period as I have no internet facility there and It is in outskirts of the city.

As a moderator suggested I would talk to the admin or any moderator regarding this but still I would try to keep posting during training if I get any chance by chance!!!! Wink
Today morning only, its been informed that the daily power cut will be reduced by another two hours resulting to 12 hours only a day. It appears that both the turbines of Madhya Marsangdi has started to work now.

I expect it to be gradually reducing. Let the day come when load shedding is declared removed completely.

Ouch... poor you in Nepal Sad it seems to be very sad life in there, out of electricity.
We here have electricity dispite our crisis problem and gas cut from Russia. But soon probably it will be worse...
I would like to thank the moderator for doing such a favour for me. The power cut now is reduced so I hope that the situation in our country will be improved.
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