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Beautiful Day

This past weekend was a beautiful weekend. We've had a very strange winter so far. The snow and cold were very late coming, and then hit with a vengeance. In December, the warmest day we had was -20C. January hadn't been much warmer, until this past weekend. On both Saturday and Sunday, we got up to +5C.

On Saturday, we decided to go up to the cabin for the night and enjoy the weather. We went for a walk out on the lake Sunday morning. There were no snowmobile tracks near the cabin, so that meant pushing through the snow. The bassett hound was less than impressed with this:

I don't blame him. Some of the drifts were well over his head. When we got further out on the lake, we came across some igloos someone built:

The black dog couldn't resist going in to check it out.

A little further along, we found a road. There are lots of snowmobile tracks on the lake, but right out in the middle, someone actually plowed a road:

The road was a lot easier walking, so we followed it for awhile. It heads to an ice fishing shanty town:

We didn't get right to the town, but it was quite large. There were more shacks and trailers off to the left. I figure probably twenty or thirty huts in total. The road ends at the shanty town.

We headed off the lake onto a little trail that takes us back to the cabin. It had no recent tracks, so we were back into deeper snow. It was warm enough that the snow was quite sticky. The black dog had some snowball problems:

All in all, a beautiful day. It makes me think we need to get to the cabin more than we do.
Nice photos. Good to see snow again. Here we have +10 degrees Celsius and no more snow.

How big were those igloos?
Very nice and cool pictures. Smile Nice to see snow too since it doesn't snow here in Sydney and it's 30 degrees celsius today. Great day for beach.
Very nice photos of your dogs pushing through the snow, the igloos must have been decent size as the dog fit in but not too big.

We get lots of snow here but then I live in MN so what do you expect but still great pics. Very Happy
That looks like lots of fun. I used to love the snow, but recently I've starting to not like to cold weather not so much.
I like white and it's tones
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