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How much bandwidth is too much?

We are given 10Gb, which is awesome. But that is a lot of traffic, about 340 mb per day at max. I would imagine that if I have several hundred people visit my site a day it would take a large toll on the servers. So how much of that can we actually use? And what if we use it up in less than a month? Can I just close my site and wait until it's reset? This is all hypothetical, of course, but I know many sites don't actually give your full allotted bandwidth.
Bandwidth & load are very different things. If you have 200 people visit your site at a time and you have basic static pages, you would use a good amount of bandwidth and cause a low load on the CPU.
If you had the same number of guests on a heavily dynamic and complex site (PHP/MySQL) with lots of queries for example, but with the same output, you would use the same bandwidth but cause a high load on the server.

You are given 10GB of bandwidth a month. This can be used up on the first day but your site will not be accessible for the rest of that month, until your quota has been reset.
Unless you have rather poor code or your site becomes extremely popular, you shouldn't be causing a high load. If you are, you will be warned to rectify any problems etc.

I hope this answers your questions Smile
thanks, just wondering because some sites will close your account if you regularly get close to your cap.
10GB is a lot of bandwidth already. A normal home user dont use exceed 10GB of bandwith a month if they dont do BT or download Video often
o_man wrote:
thanks, just wondering because some sites will close your account if you regularly get close to your cap.

No we don't close accounts for this reason. There is no problem if you use 9-10GB of bandwidth every month. (Of course if your account also causes excessive cpu load or there is something illegal on your account, we do close it.)
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