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LARP (Live Action Role Play)

Are you planning for any LARP? Looking for sewing instructions? Got any other questions regarding LARP? Ask away! I'll try answer them to the best of my abilities! : )
I'm curious - how many people visit LARPs you participate? And what character do you play?
Amazing that this is the very first time I hear about this kind of activity. Sounds interesting and cool, but... only if no one sees you ;p Sorry but this probably must be the highest level of nerdyness there is. I like RPGs, MMOs and overall games with a good story and world to be sucked into... But to actually take it outside Your PC, where 'normal' people live... unimaginable for me...
However have fun doing it, I'm not that brave to participate in this kind of activity ^.^
I really would like to see an example script for such event...
Which kind of Live Action Role Playing are you participating in? I currently am part of a group that dresses up and goes through cities doing things in character. Another group I know of fights each other with foam swords and archery equipment. Which kind do you participate in? All are rather fun in my opinion...
Evilgeniuself: I'm more into the kind of LARPs that focus on story, mood, and intrigues.. : ) To put it simply; Socially interesting roleplay, about politics in a village, a country, etc. Preferably in a medieval low-fantasy setting, without the excessive magician stuff. Just makes things way too complicated to be pulled off in a convincing way.

Keran: I suppose you might have to be a bit sure in your self and don't give two shits about what other people thinks of you to partake in a LARP, but it's great fun! : )

Sphaerenkern: Haven't been to all that many yet, but usually around 50 people, with a lot of good intrigues rather than fighting etc. And so far I've played a merchant, and other human roles the most.
Would you consider joining the SCA as a form of LARP? It lacks the character development usually associated with role play however it does have in depth mock combat rules. How about civil war recreations? I have never participated in a recreation so I'm not sure of how into character they get.
personally the only LARP I've been around was "Vampire" I wasn't involved, but I scored a "Decapitation" with a walking stick against a random vamp who wandered too close...
The SCA? What's that? : )

Just remember that LARPs aren't all about combat, a lot of them don't have any form of combat involved, only intrigues and character development. (That's the kind I usually prefer)

That vampire thingy seems kinda like a LARP to me, but.. yeah.. the fascination for me is the roleplaying against other characters with the intrigues etc... I really enjoy that part. : )
im thinking what LARP is and how do you do it. I know you do it in person outside Razz or inside but how? i have never done it and there arent any LARP communities near me.. the first that is is about 2000 KM from me. So can you please teach me Razz
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