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Top Universities in North America?

What are the top universities in North America?

What is the top university in the United States of America?
What is the top university in Canada?
What is the top university in Mexico and Central America?
What is the top university in the Caribbean?

The obvious:
Harvard, Yale, Princeton

Honourable mentions:
UC Berkeley, Columbia, what else?
[quote="gandalfthegrey"]i dont know what the top univercitys are in that part of the world
It depends what you want to study first. Some Universities are noted for being the best in Law, others in Medicine, etc. etc. Think you have to qualify what you are looking at first. Then we can look at the Universities to match.
Well I do not know much about schools outside of the U.S., but the U.S. does have many great schools. You already mentioned the obvious ones (UC Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc.) but you left out some major ones. I'd also add Stanford, Cal Tech, MIT, and Cornell.

I actually like any school that's in the "UC System" (which includes UC Berkeley, UCLA, etc.). UC schools are research based schools so they're excellent for science. Every professor has a ph.d., and along with their classes, they also have their own labs where they conduct research. If you perform well as a student, you can apply for a position in one of the labs as an undergrad so that you can gain experience. Thus, many students who pursue science can already have some real experience when they graduate with their bachelor's degree and move on to their masters. Also, many students in the past (and present) have been involved in minor scientific discoveries that were published.

I also like the way the science classes are set up. Like in many other schools, you must take a lecture class and a lab class at the same time. The lab class is coordinated with the lecture class so that you're doing experiments that have to do with what you're learning in the lecture. The labs usually last around 3 hours and sometimes they are fun (although most of the introductory ones are boring because they're designed to teach you how to do many of the basic things - like use a microscope, titrations, etc.)

So over all, I simply like the UC system (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, etc.) I personally chose to go to UC Riverside because it was financially the best choice for me, and because in 2012 a medical school will be opening at UC Riverside and I thought it would be nice to have the option of being able to apply to med. school sometime in the future at the same place that I had already been to and gotten used to (although I've decided that I don't want to go to med school, or stay in California much longer).
Actually, the ivy league schools are not always the best schools. As stated previously some schools are better at some areas than others. For undergraduate studies especially the University you attend doesnt matter so much. Even for graduate studies, your advisor and research group matter more.
^^ I agree. The Ivy-league schools are overrated, but they are good schools nevertheless. That's why I just listed Harvard, Cornell, Yale, etc. as the "obvious" top schools in the U.S. and I focused mostly on the UC system (but then again, I guess I'm biased because I'm in the UC system). If you're interested in pursuing education past a bachelor's degree, then the school that you got your undergrad from won't matter on a resume. The experience that you gain from the undergrad courses will be all that matters. That's why I like the UC system. If you can get a research opportunity, you can have yourself already set up for grad school. I'd say that the school you go to for grad school does matter some, although your thesis and what you actually do still hold more weight. As long as you can get into a school with a decent reputation and get on a real good research project, you should be fine.
In my opinion you can get a lot better education at some top non-ivy league schools. However, you can't beat their name recognition factor. Going to a well known school will help you get your first job.
The system of ranking colleges is overrated. If the college is nice to the students, offers most amenities and a decent curriculum then it boils down to the professors and students.
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